Presentation Summary:

Whether an organization is a start-up, in growth mode or at maturity, there comes a point where the product will become a key consideration.  This presentation will provide pointers on taking the product practice to the next level at every stage....

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Agile isn't just for SaaS development.  The same methods and principles can be applied in the Product Marketing practice of an enterprise.  Why?  To provide ongoing value, quick results, to be nimble, to remain competitive, and more.  Learn how Agi...

Presentation Summary:

Every business looks at the Product organization a bit differently.  Product managers are challenged with aligning with their boss, colleagues and teams. 

This presentation will provide a method to create a baseline, build common terminology an...

Presentation Summary:

Many businesses have structures and teams that cut across the traditional vertical silos of function, geography and business units. In my experience, almost every organization works within what can be defined as a matrix, whether formal or informal...

Presentation Summary:

The Evolution of a Product Marketing Organization:  Some companies have them, some companies don't.  This is the story of how Product Marketing can help improve outcomes by connecting client needs and differentiators to build an irresistible value...

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