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Brand Transformation is a hot topic as companies evolve their position to reach the most relevant customer.

In this presentation you will learn about the lessons I’ve learned  growing new brands, transforming brands and reinvigorating brands.

Being c...

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Being Customer-Centric is about continuously delivering value to your customers resulting in their loyalty to your brand. This value is based on an in-depth comprehension of what's important to your customer on an individual basis and what you can...


Sean Tomarelli, Founder & CEO at OnConferences interviews Rick Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer of Cano Health.  Prior to joining Cano Health, Sanchez spent more than 30 years at CNN, NBC and Fox News as a managing editor, host, and national correspondent.


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This presentations focuses on how global brands can driver further growth of consumer products and services by serving up culturally-relevant communications; it also advises on how companies can prioritize consumer reach on a very niche level yet a...

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A brief on the changes of the brick & mortar retail sector, its ongoing evolution, and what brands and retailers 'get it'

Tito E. Zamalloa, Jr., is former Marketing Director, for H&R Block’s West Division. Prior to this role, he was Strategy VP for...

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