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Big Data Analytics for Executives: This Analytics for Executives presentation provides an overview of big data analytics for executives and leaders who are interested in creating a data-driven business culture. The benefits of understanding big dat...

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I will share some principal and importance of digital ecosystem.

There are some key principles to be aware in order to better plan the evolution or setup of digital ecosystem.

Digital is part of our daily life, work and continues to evolve rapidly, t...

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Scott Jaworski, Director of Global Social Media at Intel, and Heidi Singleton, Chief Creative Officer from New Honor Society, share how technology giants and companies large and small can adopt human qualities to create deeper social engagement. Th...

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Digital technology is transforming the marketing function and redefining strategic objectives by providing businesses access to a wide range of platforms, tools and capabilities, including social media, mobile delivery devices, automated campaigns,...

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Digital is a pervasive phenomenon – marketers have to evolve their thinking beyond digital as a channel, and think of it instead as the key means to acquire, engage, and deliver for customers.  A lot of marketers are still stuck in a stovepiped cha...

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