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High Performance Teams: HR’s role in creating psychologically safe spaces to unlock individual and team potential. 

A thought prompting overview for people influencers and team leaders to go beyond the “what” related outcomes established in goal set...

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Key Takeaways

  1. What does Predictive Analytics mean? 

  2. What are 3 questions to consider around Analytics and its Impact on the Business? 

  3. Understanding key factors for successful HR analytics setup. 

  4. Understanding the HR...

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Predictive Analytics in Workforce Planning: Morphing the Talent Management function from a support department to a true strategic partner adding value to your organization is at the heart of the 2018 Human Resources main challenges. One way to achi...

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In today’s high stress and ever-changing environment, we are exposed to emotional triggers more than ever.  Because of this, I imagine you’ve been a passenger on the emotional rollercoaster, the ups and downs, that seem to occur multiple times duri...

This shared presentation with Trevor Higgs, Director of Candidate Experience at Johnson & Johnson and Yves Lermusi, CEO at Checkster will show you how to identify the moments that matter most to candidates, and building exceptional experiences while not compromising on...

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