Presentation Summary:

Developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning have caused prominent observers, such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, to raise alarms about computers supplanting, or even eliminating, humans.  More have worried that computers will el...

Presentation Summary:

Sexual harassment claims have been front page news in the past months. Multiple lawsuits have been filed against companies, C-suite management, and boards of directors. Federal, state, and local laws are being passed in response to the wave of clai...

Presentation Summary:

High Performance Teams: HR’s role in creating psychologically safe spaces to unlock individual and team potential. 

A thought prompting overview for people influencers and team leaders to go beyond the “what” related outcomes established in goal set...

Presentation Summary:

This presentation focuses on the Learning & Development Professional and the need to professionally develop them. 

As a critical asset to the organization we expect them to develop our employees, managers, etc., what are we doing to develop them?


Presentation Summary:  

Solving our talent shortage by leveraging immigrant potential 

- What is the issue?

- How do we think differently about talent?
- What are barriers to employment for a nontraditional talent pipeline?
- What might the life cycle look like for a...

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