Presentation Summary:

Setting and implementing strategy and strategic objectives are critical to the success of any in-house legal department.  In this session we will discuss setting strategy, establishing strategic objectives, and creating a strategic plan designed to...

Presentation Summary:

In-house legal departments are consistently challenged to deliver services more efficiently, drive strategic value, and operate more like a business function. 

This session will provide an overview of legal department strategic planning and operatio...

Presentation Summary:

Developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning have caused prominent observers, such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, to raise alarms about computers supplanting, or even eliminating, humans.  More have worried that computers will el...

Presentation Summary:

It is critical in todays polarized environment that companies have a robust enterprise wise onsite management program and crisis management plan. 

The consequences flowing from a headline event are extremely severe in the current environment because...

Presentation Summary:

Many companies have compliance departments, either reporting into the legal department or directly to the CEO via a Chief Compliance Officer. Often times, the distinction between the responsibilities of the legal department and the compliance depa...

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