The OnCon Senior Marketing Council is an exclusive group of senior marketers. The group comes together once per month virtually to discuss latest challenges, trends, and to benchmark with one another. The group also comes together once per year in person to network and discuss strategy.

Sharon Byers

Chief Development, Marketing, & Communications Officer

American Cancer Society

Max Cuellar

Senior Vice President, Marketing Strategy, Analytics, Operations

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nicolette Harper

Vice President, Global Paid Media

Marriott International

Elisa Padilla

Senior Vice President of Marketing and Community Relations

Miami Marlins

Patti Girardi

Chief Marketing Officer


Valet Living

Lisa Bowman

Chief Marketing Officer

United Way

Steven Bushong 

SVP Marketing Operations


Walt Disney Television

Fred Ehle

VP, Marketing


Kathleen Katz

VP, Marketing



Kirsten Jepson

Director of Product Marketing


Telus International

Greg Daniel

Chief Marketing and Digital Experience Officer


Matthew Lieberman

Chief Marketing Officer, PWC US & Mexico


Ken Kunsman 

Chief Marketing Officer


WorldWatch Plus

Kevin Sellers

Chief Marketing Officer


Ping Identity 

Jason Brown

Chief Marketing Officer



Marketplace Chaplains

Jackie Stone

Chief Marketing Officer


Caroline Guttman

Director, Corporate Brand




Carlos Vigil

VP Commercial Effectiveness


Southern Glazers Wine & Spirits

Sheana Suek

Vice President, Marketing and Communication

Westwood Holdings Group

Arthur Beavis

Chief Marketing Officer

Hackster.io, an Avnet Community

Kathy English

Chief Marketing Officer



Vocera Communications

Joni Fernandez Marmo

Adjunct Professor, Master of Marketing


Florida International 

Mercedes R. Mannino Director of Integrated Marketing


U.S. Venture, Inc.

Shayne De la Force

Chief Marketing Officer



TNA Solutions Pty Ltd.

Becky Rehorn

Chief Marketing Officer



Vaughn & Melton Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Fabian Urquijo

FMR SVP & Chief Marketing Officer Professional Brands



Rob Le Bras-Brown 

FMR Head of Digital Health Consumer 



Vic Walia 

FMR VP Global Brand Marketing


Expedia Group

Karen Vinton

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Amerit Fleet Solutions

Lisa Price Veith

Senior Vice President New Market Growth


Michele Drucker

Vice President of Sales

Sound Hospitality Management

Christine Martin

Chief Marketing Officer

Chief Outsiders

Christin Prince

SVP Marketing

Tupelo Honey Hospitality

Kari Janavitz

Chief Marketing Officer

TE Connectivity

Nicholas Caffentzis

Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor, Kellogg Markets & Customers Initiative Executive Director, Kellogg Chief Marketing Officer Program

Kellogg School of Management

Floyd W. Green III

Vice President, Community Affairs

Aetna, a CVS Health Company




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