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Hiring Exceptional Candidates with Mission-Driven Recruiting

Presentation Summary:

Companies have to work hard to create and maintain a unique employer brand identity and culture that attracts, inspires, and motivates their staff - and it’s not just about offering the biggest salary or best perks.

In this session, ClearCompany will share how you can develop a goals-based hiring process to more accurately and effectively find and retain top talent.


Presenter Bio:

Katie Bond is the Director of Operations at ClearCompany, a SaaS-based Talent Management Platform that serves over 2,000 organizations across the globe. She founded the Client Success and Operations functions at ClearCompany nearly 7 years ago and has been a passionate driver of growth and architect of scale ever since. She’s hired, coached and developed leaders within the organization across project management, implementation, support, service, sales and technical functions.

Before joining ClearCompany, Katie ran an experiential education program for teens. She holds a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Science from Tufts University, where she first discovered her passion for systemic thinking and data analysis.

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