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Top Labor Trends Impacting Hiring in 2018

Presentation Summary:

With so much rapid change in 2017, the role of hiring has been significantly impacted. And we have every reason to think it will continue to shift in ways throughout the coming year. From whistleblowers rocking the media soundwaves on workforce harassment claims to hiring at all-time record highs with 6.1M open jobs this year, the forces driving change have come from every direction. Which is why maintaining a stable employer brand and work environment for your employees has never been more critical.

Learn more on:

  • The evolution of annual performance reviews & larger investments being made in L&D

  • How to attract informed candidates to make your hiring processes even easier

  • Creating a candidate experience that is transparent and engages applicants at every stage of the funnel


Speaker Bio:

Julie Coucoules recently joined Glassdoor as the Global Head of Talent Acquisition, having managed Talent Acquisition and Sourcing teams for more than 20 years. Creating seamless data driven recruiting processes and an excellent candidate experience are main areas of focus. Julie's experience has spanned the software, retail and games industries, with specific highlights creating Call of Duty and Skylanders games at Activision Blizzard. Julie is a San Francisco Bay Area native, and lives in Northern Marin County with her husband and two elementary aged children.

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