How GE Transformed Culture and Leadership

Presentation Summary:

General Electric is undertaking the most significant business strategy evolution in its 125 year history. GE aims to become a top 10 software company by 2025. This will require a significant cultural revolution infuses the 300,000+ employees with the best practice behaviors of leading software companies. This session shares a bit of GE’s history for context, summarize the 4 major initiatives (to date) that have evolved the way GE employees work and interact, and finally, learn about the simplified and focused approach we took to rebuild leaders and prepare them for the future.


Presenter Bio:

Kimberly Kleiman-Lee attributes any career success to her insatiable curiosity and voracious desire to learn & evolve her understanding of the world. She’s rarely satisfied with the status quo and tirelessly seeks innovative ways to develop and grow the leaders she serves.

She launched A Working Human Company on November 1, 2017. She, like many others, think the world is having a bit of a leadership crisis. Her new leadership development consultancy will leverage the best of innovative design, digital solutions, and outcomes based coaching to build extraordinary global leaders.

Kimberly served at General Electric’s corporate university - Crotonville for 7 years. In her last position, she led Culture and Leadership Learning & Development for General Electric, focused on 340,000 employees. Her honest, intuitional, and methodical approach to coaching and team interventions earned her the respect of leaders throughout GE. She led a team that designs, develops, and curates powerful learning experiences around the globe.

In 2016, Kimberly radically refocused GE’s Leadership Learning strategy to 12 Transformational Leadership Experiences and 5 Learning Priorities. This laser focus immerses GE’s employees in the company’s cultural ambitions and sets the stage for GE to become a Top 10 Software Company by 2020.

Kimberly worked and taught for 2 Midwest universities before discovering her passion for teaching in the corporate setting. After several years as an education consultant to companies like Miller Brewing, Northwestern Mutual Life, The U.S. Navy, John Deere, and GE, she moved from consulting to a dedicated position within GE Healthcare in 1997. Kimberly is a certified Black Belt and a certified instructor/facilitator in numerous leadership topics.

She obtained her BA from the University of Wisconsin Madison and her Masters in Adult Education and Leadership Studies from Loyola University Chicago. Kimberly lives in Delafield, Wisconsin with her husband of 20 years, Bob, and their 3 children: Katie (16), Alyssa (14), and Sam (12).

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