How JetBlue is building analytical capability through networked learners

Presentation Summary:

In today's world, the ability to make data-driven decisions is critical in Learning & Development and beyond. This session will highlight how JetBlue Airways is tackling the challenge of building these skills in an innovative and low-cost way. Instead of relying only on hiring or on formal instructor-led training programs, JetBlue University connects analysts across the organization through the JetBlue Insight Network (JIN). Building relationships through monthly calls, a Slack channel, learning mini-series, and an annual summit, the network effectively drives peer-to-peer learning among over 75 JetBlue Analysts. Challenges, successes and best practices for supporting this critical learning will be shared.


Presenter Bio:

Teri Schmidt leads the Learning Analytics & Design function within JetBlue University at JetBlue Airways Corp. Dedicated to using data to drive and improve performance, her teams apply data analysis, performance improvement, and instructional systems design best practices. To further support the organization, they also offer internal consulting and education on learning analytics, instructional design and development, and strategic program evaluation. Schmidt has 18 years of experience as a learning professional, with 13 years collaborating with clients to maximize the value of their organization’s human capital.

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