Predictive leadership for unpredictable times

Presentation Summary:

The pace of unpredictability in business and the world at large seems to increase each day as we hear about a new technology, business model, legislative shift or consumer trend. In such emergent conditions, how do you help leaders develop the agility, flexibility and foresight to consistently anticipate these changes and capitalize on them? Josh describes how Sapient approached the problem using predictive models and neuroplasticity, and how you might be able to apply some of these ideas to your organization.


Presenter Bio:

"From Software Development to People Development" As a former engineer, I took comfort in the predictability of technical problems - but I was often baffled by the unpredictable responses (both good and bad) of the people involved. Over time, I became more interested in the complex, emergent ways that people and organizations think, feel and act. So after 20 years in technology and experience consulting, in 2007 I was excited (and nervous) to take on something I knew little about: helping people develop the capabilities and motivation they needed to help our clients transform their businesses. After re-starting Sapient's Learning & Development and Talent Management functions, then focusing on Executive Development, I now lead Learning, Talent Management and Culture across Publicis.Sapient. I coach many of our senior executives and their leadership teams, in addition to leading a global function. What energizes me most is seeing people grow the capabilities they need to help our clients thrive in a digital world. I love hearing the pride in someone's voice when they talk about their personal growth and how they’ve been able to work with our clients in more meaningful ways. When my own team members can connect their internal work to the impact it has on our external clients and their customers, they look at their job in a new way that’s more satisfying for everyone involved. Having been in HR for only a third of my working years, I rely on our team of deep experts in-house, on a small group of invaluable outside partners, and a host of talented peers in organizations around the world who share my passion for development. I also deepen my own expertise through industry associations, conferences and a lot of reading.

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