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The Evolving Role of the In-house Legal Team

Presentation Summary:

​The role of the General Counsel and the In-house Legal Team has been consistently evolving over time, and will continue to at an ever increasing pace.

So how can In-house Teams prepare themselves so that they remain relevant, continue to add value to the business and be ready for the changes and challenges coming over the horizon.


Presenter Bio:

In late 2006, Mr Haig moved from Australia to The Coca-Cola Company headquarters in Atlanta as Senior Managing Counsel responsible for Global Marketing, Worldwide Licensing, Food Law, Environment & Sustainability, Occupational Health & Safety, Technical & Regulatory.

In December 2013 Mr Haig was promoted to International General Counsel Asia Pacific Group and General Counsel Japan and relocated to Tokyo Japan.

Mr Haig serves on the Board of the International Dyslexia Association and its Ethics & Standards Committee and its Nominations & Governance Committee. He is a Member of the Board of Trustees of The Howard School (a school specializing in educating children with Learning Differences/Disabilities) in Atlanta. He also serves on the Advisory Board of, an online In-house Counsel Networking and Development Community.

Mr Haig is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

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