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Leadership 2020 - You Want Me To Do What?

Presentation Summary:​

In this presentation, we discuss how leadership has evolved and the fact that there are new actions to take for success. In 2015, we aimed for execution, innovation, collaboration, and critical thinking. Building the success of today’s organizational flows will require leaders to prioritize daily progress, encourage mastery, and foster agility. To be a successful future leader, it’s essential to have resilience, adaptability, energy building, tenacity, and collaboration. With these leadership strategies in place, we will see a measurable growth in different areas, including our purposes, leadership, and relationships.


Presenter Bio:

Robert C. Preziosi was named Professor of the Decade in December 2000. He was named “Faculty Member of the Year in 2003”. In a recent book, North American Adult Educators, he was named 1 of 50 quintessential adult educators of the 21st century. He is a professor of leadership and HR management in the Wayne Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship at Nova Southeastern University with the Public Administration Department. He was just named the Chief Facilitator of Alumni Lifelong Learning. He is the Past Chair of the Management Department and developed the school’s Master’s Degree in Leadership. He was the recipient of the school’s first Excellence in Teaching Award. In December 2000 he was named Professor of the Decade. In 2007 he received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the Hudson Institute. He has been vice president of management development and training for a Fortune 50 company. In 1984, he was given the Outstanding Contribution to HRD Award by the American Society for Training and Development. In 1990, he received the Torch Award, the highest leadership award that the society can give. He was named HRD Professional of the Year for 1991. He has been named to the first edition of International Who’s Who in Quality. In June 1996, he received his second Torch Award from the society-the first time ASTD has given a second Torch Award to one individual.

Bob has worked as a human resource director, line manager, business school dean, and leadership training administrator. He has been published in various national publications, including Training Professor, and Quality Review. He has been a consultant to consultants, educator of educators, and a trainer of trainers. He is on the Editorial Boards of Employment Relations Today, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship, Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal, and International Journal for Responsible Employment Principles and Practices.

Bob’s management education consulting experience includes all levels of management with many organizations including American Express, AT&T, Burger King, FP&L, Miami Dade College, Ryder, and SBA Communications and a large number of hospitals, banks, and government organizations at the local, state and federal levels. He has trained entire departments of trainers. He has been interviewed for Fortune, Meeting Management, International Business, Investor Relations Today, Savings Institutions, Technical and Skills Training, the Miami Herald, and the Sun-Sentinel. He was recently quoted in over 20 newspapers around the world. U.S. Training and Development referred to him as a member of Who’s Who in HRD.

He as a B.A. degree in social science and a M.Ed. degree in learning psychology. He received his DPA degree in management. He has a special certification in coaching skills, participative leadership, and consulting skills, and has completed study at Harvard

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