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How to Thrive in the New Talent Landscape: Views From a Millennial in the C-Suite

Presentation Summary:

We often talk about the future of work in terms of technological advances or industry trends. In this lecture, Loren Blandon, Chief Talent Officer at Y&R and Wunderman LatAm, dives into a more fundamental shift affecting the landscape of work: the changing relationship between employee and employer. She explores how changes in this power dynamic have created a new set of expectations, and offers her views as a millennial in the C-suite on how organizations can follow four basic principles in order to stay relevant in the talent game.


Presenter Bio:

Loren Blandon helps businesses fine-tune their talent strategy while creating the kinds of workplace cultures people thrive in. After spending over a decade working in HR across multiple industries, Loren knows that people and organizations are at their best when they are fueled by passion, values, and purpose.

Loren’s work has been recognized by Workforce Magazine and highlighted in industry journals. In addition to serving on the advisory board for select start-ups, she leads the South Florida chapter for Levo League, a social network for professional millennial women.

Loren currently serves as Chief Talent Officer at Y&R and Wunderman LatAm, two of the globes premier advertising agencies, and is the founder of Workigence, a consultancy specializing in organizational culture. She holds an M.S. in Industrial-Organizational psychology and is a certified human capital strategist.

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