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Thinking Differently: Strengths, Clarity, and Focus​

Presentation Summary:

Do we think that different people think differently or that we already practice “out-of-the-box” thinking? Hear about many ways that we all think alike and how that might limit our effectiveness. Are our organization’s standards of success all about how busy we are? Perhaps our time-oppressed workforce can focus their activities to recognize and appreciate what is working (success) to produces greater engagement and momentum for change; ultimately achieving “breakthrough” increases in organizational results. Listen as a business case is made for focusing on finishing multiple tasks instead of “multi-tasking” or just being busy. Executives and managers who clarify expectations and performance standards reduce uncertainty and create high levels of engagement, commitment, and productivity.

Participants will learn:

To analyze and solve problems more effectively by thinking differently;

The importance of “focus” for the 21st century leader; and

How simplicity and clarity reduce uncertainty and drive performance results.


Presenter Bio:

Jim Trinka is the Chief Learning Officer for the Office of Information Technology (OIT) within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). In this role, he develops, implements, and manages a comprehensive employee and leadership development program designed to create and sustain a high-performing OIT workforce to serve our Nation’s Veterans. He is the primary advocate for transforming OIT into a learning organization.

Previously, Jim served as the Executive Director of the Leading EDGE Program to design, develop, and deliver a government-wide program to help senior executives improve government performance and face challenges of decreasing budgets, increasing workloads, and unprecedented complexity.

Prior to Jim’s appointment with VA, he was the Technical Training Director for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), where he oversaw the development and implementation of an integrated workforce plan to hire and train 17,000 new air traffic controllers and received an FAA Leadership Award for his efforts.

Prior to the FAA, Jim served as the FBI’s Chief Learning Officer and managed the prestigious FBI Academy, the National Academy for state and local law enforcement officers, the Center for Intelligence Training, and the Leadership Development Institute. He implemented training initiatives crucial to the FBI’s efforts to strengthen its intelligence workforce, build on its counterterrorism expertise, and prepare agents to deal with future global threats.

Prior to the FBI, Jim served as the IRS’ Director of Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness and led development programs to new heights, which continue to serve as benchmarks for both public and private institutions. He began his government service with a distinguished 22-year career as a fighter pilot in the Air Force. Jim holds a doctorate degree in International Politics from The George Washington University and has authored numerous works on leadership development and political science.

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