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What’s Legal, What’s Compliance, and What’s Neither? ​

Presentation Summary:

Many companies have compliance departments, either reporting into the legal department or directly to the CEO via a Chief Compliance Officer. Often times, the distinction between the responsibilities of the legal department and the compliance department can be muddy and confusing. Who has responsibility for things like regulatory compliance, whether industry specific, like HIPAA, or general, like the Trade Agreements Act? Who takes the lead when a customer asks you to certify your compliance with ongoing contractual covenants related to a myriad of topics, like human trafficking regulation, vendor background checks or other policies? When can legal give that away in negotiation and rely on compliance to handle it – or does compliance have to check up on the operations side of the house to ensure that the contract or law in question is being followed? And why are customers making so many of these (possibly infuriating) requests?

In this session, we’ll look to explore and discuss these topics and more through the lens of regulated industries, including health care, as well as those that deal with regulated inio - dustries, including those who provide products and services to the financial industry.


Presenter Bio:

Rob Macklin is vice president and Chief Legal Officer for Alliance Laundry Systems, LLC, the largest manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment in the world. Prior to joining Alliance, Mr. Macklin was Vice President, Deputy General Counsel of Hill-Rom Holdings, Inc., a global manufacturer of medical devices.

Before joining Hill-Rom, Mr. Macklin was with The Telx Group, Inc. in New York and was general counsel TerreStar Corporation in Virginia, with his specialty being in corporate governance and securities, mergers and acquisitions, and commercial legal work. While holding his position at TerreStar, he was called to duty by the Navy and took a leave of absence to serve with SEAL Team 8 from 2007-2008 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Mr. Macklin received his B.A. from University of California at Los Angeles before heading to Chicago to earn his J.D. at University of Chicago Law School. He and his family now reside in Appleton, WI.

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