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True Customer Experience, Hospitality verses customer service

Presentation Summary:

Encouraging your associates, lead by a Senior Team that understands the realistic learning curve, cultural diversity, and independent learning style of its work force, will ultimately lead to higher ROI-NOI, thus the retention of both Associate and Customer. Making common, “CENTS,” out of Common Sense, is a beginning step in this positive and essential direction towards success. People cannot really achieve Brand Diversity and create accurate, and measurable data if the people who are on the front lines do not believe or really understand the importance of their role. Committing to the development of the work force you currently have, and exhausting all possibilities to sustain this effort will be the catalyst to a foundation of positive reputation and growth. Invest in what you already have instead of always searching for the BETTER solution.


Presenter Bio:

Mark is an exceptionally diverse Fortune 550 Professional with 25+ years’ experience in Senior Sales and Marketing Management, National, Divisional, Regional, stand alone, and start up, that also include restructuring, branding and development. Possessing excellent health care, health care management back-ground, and educational abilities Mark is a defined Leader in the industry.

Mark has a specialized approach to Customer Service and Hospitality, with excellence that has struck positive revenue and census chords within the industry. Through motivational, unique, and inventive personalized strategy, Mark has been able to help both fortune 500 companies and smaller startup operations reach and exceed their census goals. Through Passion, commitment and utilizing the HUMAN SPIRIT, Mark shares ways to retain residents longer and keep satisfied associates moving up the ladder internally within the organization for cost saving succession.

An excellent track record, Mark is the driving force behind multiple successful internal and external company strategies to increase ROI, Retention (both Customer and Employee), and drive over-all satisfaction in the Independent, Assisted, Memory Care and Skilled living environment.

After over 20 years in the corporate world overseeing 200-1400 communities, Mark is now the Chief Marketing Officer for Charter Senior Living where he is not only creating a new direction for Senior Living but is an owner and investor as well!

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