Rise of the Hemisapiens: The New Learning Workers and How to Lead Them.



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In this session, Mark introduces a new kind of knowledge worker, a learning worker, who is emerging in the workplace. These new learning workers, Mark labels “Hemisapiens,” employ collaborative leadership, leverage cognitive computing, and create and apply a learning strategy for everything they do.  Most notably, Hemisapiens apply methods from the learning sciences and technology to “turbo charge” their cognitive abilities, and hence, their productivity and innovation.  However, they are different besides having more brain power.  They also have more courage and larger hearts than their predecessors.  As a session participant, you will learn who these new learning workers are, what tools they use, why you should become one, and how you can lead them.  

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Mark Salisbury is a professor, leader, speaker, author, consultant, and expert on the new learning economy.  After completing his graduate studies, Mark worked for eleven years at The Boeing Company where his time was split between the research and development of intelligent human/computer software and computer-based training programs.  After leaving Boeing, Mark founded Vitel, Inc., a knowledge management solution provider for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Laboratories.  In addition, Mark was a professor and program director at the University of New Mexico for sixteen years where he published extensively in knowledge management.  Mark also has served as the Dean of the College of Education, Leadership and Counseling at the University of St. Thomas.  Currently, he is a professor of organizational development and change at the University of St. Thomas and CEO of Mark Salisbury & Associates.



  • Computer Scientist at the Boeing Company -- 11 years

  • Led R&D Efforts in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    • Oversaw Research at Universities

    • Developed Software for Computer-Based Training (777)

  • Program Director and Professor at the University of New Mexico -- 17 years

    • Published extensively on AI and Knowledge Management

    • Nominated for Teacher of the Year

    • Founder of New College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

  • CEO of Vitel, Inc., a knowledge management solution provider for the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the national laboratories – 6 years

  • Provided Services as a Microsoft Partner

    • Employed 22 Full Time Engineers and Technical Specialists

    • Awarded "Outstanding" Rating for Service by Sandia National Laboratories

    • Nominated for Small Business of the Year by Los Alamos National Laboratory

  • Dean, College of Education, Leadership and Counseling, University of St. Thomas – 2 years (45 Full Time Faculty, 100 Adjunct Faculty, BA – MA – EdD -- PsyD Programs, 2,000 Students)

  • Developed Strategic Plan for the College

    • Developed Integrated Planning/Budget Process

    • Organized First TEDx Event at St. Thomas

  • Professor, Organizational Development and Change, University of St. Thomas – Currently

  • Teach Graduate Courses in Organizational Development and Change

    • Conduct Research in Organizational Development and Change 

    • Direct Doctoral Dissertations in Organizational Development and Change


  • MAT – Economics, Western Oregon University

  • MS – Computer and Information Science (Major Emphasis: Artificial Intelligence), University of Oregon

  • PhD – Computers and Education, University of Oregon 


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