Diversity & Inclusion and the corporate Bottom-line

Presentation Summary::

There are many misconceptions around implementing D&I. what are some proven tactics that work and also removes these challenges?

Studies show that most companies that actively promote a formal D & I initiative are more successful and gain a significant increase in revenue. This puts diversity & inclusion in a very different light. Many of the other structural benefits of creating a targeted strategy will start to organically happen and present new opportunities. Linking diversity and inclusion goals to the corporate bottom-line is a differentiator. This session is designed to talk about those barriers, provide proven examples that work and allow attendees to come away with a preliminary framework, of how to build the D&I business case and effectively communicate to the business in a language other than HR speak.

Key Takeaways:

• What are Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices

• Understanding how D & I can be a revenue generator no matter what company or size

• Insuring executive sponsorship and creating the D & I business case

Presenter Bio:

As a speaker and facilitator, DK Bartley, has been very effective inspiring audiences and promoting the human capital business case for Diversity & Inclusion for both big and small corporations. He previously ran the global consulting firm Diversity Talent International (DTI) and managed a roster of clients that included Polo Ralph Lauren, Mercedes-Benz, Huawei Technologies, and Group M. As a “Train-the-Trainer” and Executive Recruiter for Talent Acquisition and Diversity Recruiting, he has been very successful in making this often-uncomfortable topic, of D&I comfortable and welcoming. Most notably he is known for successfully unmasking unconscious bias and providing relatable examples that disseminate the many taboos about the topic and as a result illustrate how Diversity and Inclusion becomes an asset, and not a liability.

In his current role as the Vice President & Head of Talent Acquisition for Dentsu Aegis, the fifth largest Media & Advertising holding company globally, he manages the recruitment strategy and Center of Excellence for all 26 brands in the Americas and is currently building the Dentsu Aegis Network Collaborative D&I partnerships initiative, redefining the way the network of companies finds and curates talent.

He holds a Master Degree in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology, A Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from SUNY Stony Brook, and a Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion Management from Cornell University ILR.

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