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Communication Styles in the Workplace

Presentation Summary:

Listen to Meghan Hollan, VP of Organization Development for LOTH Inc., as she talks through, Communication Styles in Workplace and the importance of having “self awareness” in your company’s communication styles.

We all recognize the importance of communication, but how closely are we paying attention to what we say to our associates and clients? How much emphasis are we putting on communication within our companies? Do you have gaps and misses?

Listen to this thought provoking messages around communication to have simples ways to make communication a company focus!


Presenter Bio:

My background stems from over 12 years in progressive human resources, leadership and organizational development experience in the Greater Cincinnati area. My passion for HR has transpired in to opportunities for public speaking, working with local schools and various groups around HR initiatives and Company developments.

Within my career, I have used my strengths in Strategic ability to lead in the opening of three different companies along with having the opportunity to be part of four mergers and two complete cultural change overs.

My focus has been on change management, organizational development, talent management, company culture, employee relations, brand management and community outreach.

I am always hungry to learn, be challenged and develop connections within the business world. I never stop! Along with my day job, I own two businesses with my spouse.

Today as the Vice President of Organizational Development, I oversee our Human Resource functions, Talent Development, strategic planning, community outreach and branding projects for all business units under the LOTH Holdings Group. I truly have a passion for what I do and support my team gives me to stay connected.

I hope you enjoy my talk and look forward to connecting via linkedin. @Meghanroo

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