The New Role of Marketing

Presentation Summary:

The role of the CMO has evolved. Today’s marketing organization is expected to own strategy and revenue growth. The role of a CMO is more complex, more difficult – but also more interesting and impactful. Learn about these changes and how to think like a modern CMO in this presentation from marketing strategist Gerardo A. Dada


Presenter Bio:

Gerardo Dada is Vice President of Product Marketing and Strategy at SolarWinds, one of the most successful software companies. Gerardo has been at the center of the Web, mobile, social and cloud revolutions with decades of experience in Marketing.

Previously he served as Director for Global Developer Marketing at Microsoft, led Product Marketing at Rackspace where he launched their cloud, and built the industry’s first development tools for mobile devices at Motorola.

Gerardo writes for his blog at and on twitter at @gerardodada

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