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Workplace Engagement: The Small Things Matter

Presentation Summary:

Jami Jones shares her perception of a trending challenge in today’s organizations: Workplace Engagement. With solid data and personal experiences, Jami highlights how our actions can determine if or how long an employee will willingly contribute to an organization and the underlying reasons why.

Engagement, connection and belonging go hand-in-hand; it is the responsibility of all leaders within an organization, and especially those of us in Human Resources, to ensure the cultural immersion and connection of new hires. What exactly do these actions look like? How do we know when our actions have been successful? And does it really matter that much? Yes, it does.

Where do we fail? What is the magic bullet? The answer lies in understanding the distinct differences between transformational mindset and transactional actions. Workplace engagement is birthed from an intentional culture, focused and long-term. HR professionals and organizational leaders must be conscious of the connection efforts in their midst, or lack thereof.

Creating the right environment at work can and will bring about positive results, proving that the small things really do matter.


Presenter Bio:

Born and raised in Amarillo, Texas, Jami Jones is currently the CHRO for QuesTec Mechanical, a mechanical constructor based in Columbia, Missouri.

Jami began her professional career as a teacher in the Texas public school system, transitioning to the world of business a few years later when she started her own catering business. Through a series of other opportunties, it was the merging onto the management path that proved to be the catalyst that spurred her long interest in the details of human behavior related to the workplace. This interest in what makes people tick is what Jami loves the most about her role in human resources today.

Jami earned her bachelor’s degree at West Texas A&M University and an MBA from Columbia College.

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