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As businesses need to adapt to meet changing customer demands so do the human capital assets of the business. Human Resource Executives at all leaders will need to continue to strengthen their business acumen and use of data and analytics for HR to become more customer focused. The coaching of an executive is a primary role of HR Executives that allows them to work collaboratively with an executive to create awareness of their personal leadership, their business vision/plan, impact the business objectives and finally the market place. This is the largest responsibility and role for any successful HR Executive that wants to Lead the Business in Change Management.

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JR Croston is formerly the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Wells Fargo Business Banking Group. The Wells Fargo’s Business Banking segment primarily serves small to mid-size businesses with complex financial services needs and annual sales from $2 to $20 million. Our more than 260,000 Business Banking customers have complex financial services needs that warrant a dedicated business relationship manager (banker) and relationship management team. With 549 locations across the company’s 39-state footprint, Business Banking provides a comprehensive offering of business lending, cash management, and financial management products and services.

JR provides human resource management, strategy, executive coaching & consulting to ensure that HR strategies and initiatives are effectively deployed across the business to improve organizational effectiveness. Key areas of expertise include organizational effectiveness & development, culture, succession planning, leadership development, change management and performance management. His strategies and work seek to deliver against business needs and foster best-in class work environment.

JR’s career started with Wells Fargo in 2002, and spans a number of HR Executive positions from Mortgage Banking, Retail Regional Banking and the Wells Fargo Customer Connection Business. In 2014, he was promoted to the Human Resource Executive role for the Business Banking Group.

Additionally, JR worked for the General Electric Company. During his 14 year tenure with the organization he held increasing business leadership roles in the areas of Collections & Customer Service Call Centers, Quality, Marketing / New Product Development, Sales, and Human Resources across various sectors of the financial services industry.

JR earned his Bachelor of Business Administration at Kent State University with a major in Finance.

Outside of his Wells Fargo key leadership position, Mr. Croston is involved in his community, church and professional organizations. He has a special interest in mentoring diverse individuals. JR was born and grew up in Canton, Ohio. He is married to Tiffany Croston. They have two children and live in Charlotte, NC.

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