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HR's Role in Change Management

Presentation Summary:

No matter what industry you work for, or where you work, as a human resources leader, you will be called upon managing change in your workplace.

Whether the change stems from rapid growth in your company, organizational restructuring, a merger or acquisition, or a cultural transformation, or even a new boss, this presentation will provide you with some practical tips and best practices to successfully manage the change process.


Presenter Bio:

Senior Leader in Human Resources and Human Capital Change Management

Marie Chery is a Senior Human Resources Management Executive with global experience. She has worked with companies in a variety of industries including, Mizuho Capital Markets Corporation, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, and Archer Daniels Midland (Cocoa Division).

Marie possesses broad generalist experience with particular expertise in managing change, implementing organizational transformations, and successfully integrating merged and acquired business units. She has been responsible for HR operations, including six unions, across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

M&A Integrations, Reorganizations & Change Management

Marie has been successful in managing employee and HR systems integrations following the acquisition of Imperial Sugar and Ecoval into Louis Dreyfus Commodities. She also merged the Cocoa Powder and Chocolate business financial departments at ADM Cocoa ($750 M. Revenue). She has reengineered sales operations, consolidated customer service, traffic and distribution departments and, managed relocations and downsizings for the Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Business whose global footprint stretched across the US, Singapore, Canada, Germany and the Netherlands.

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