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Reaching your Customers… The Way They Want to Be Reached

Presentation Summary:

The changing demographics of potential buyer today along with changes to the buying cycle, communication preferences, and technology necessitate reaching out to potential buyers before you would consider them buyers. We, as marketers, need to embrace these changes and act accordingly in order to contribute to our business. You must connect with your future buyers NOW, before they are even considered “buyers” in order to be considered when they do become buyers. This connection must also be done on their terms, in the manner that they prefer to be reached.


Presenter Bio:

Joe is a marketing director at Schneider Electric. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in 2000 & MBA in 2004, both from Villanova University. After 5 years in technical support and 5 years in product management, he began his new role in Product Marketing in April 2011. Joe recently accepted a role responsible for marketing Schneider Electric’s entire software portfolio to the Process Industries (O&G, Power and Mining, Metals & Minerals).

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