Omni-Channel Customer first. Experience Always. What is Omni-channel and which brands do it best.

Presentation Summary:

Customer first. Experience Always. What is Omni-channel and which brands do it best.

Take a glimpse into a methodology on identifying a retailer’s position in the omni-channel journey.

Based on the scores, learn about opportunities for improvement, drive awareness and recommend next steps to push for growth toward a more robust customer experience.


Presenter Bio:

I am a recognized senior-level digital marketing executive with proven ability to grow revenue and marketshare for enterprise companies such as; Microsoft, Verizon, Navistar, BOSCH, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Wingstop.

I am a leader in digital transformation and marketing, considered an authority in generating class-leading consumer pull within digital marketing, mobile marketing, social media and direct marketing.

My consumer focused marketing expertise has gained accolades and I have become a sought after speaker on topics such as “understanding customer behaviors”, “increasing marketing ROI” and “recognizing and commercializing consumer's full lifetime value.”

A few of my most noted accomplishments:

1. Pioneered launch of Google's Mobile Search with click to call (Verizon)

2. The development, construction and launch of a CDS Digital Transformation Framework and playbook. (Microsoft)

3. Increased total online orders and conversions by 12-21% (marketing lead for Verizon telecom global website redesign)

4. Increased Wingstop’s online sales by 34% through an increase in online presence

5. Ranked #1 Top Facebook and #3 Top Twitter Growth Brand, in Restaurants Social Media Index for all restaurants (Wingstop Restaurants)

I hold a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Digital Media Technology, as well as an MBA from Southern Methodist University, ranked #3 worldwide."

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