"Ghost Brands"... Who You Going To Call If You Have One?

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Who Do You Call When You Have a Ghost Brand?

Though they can’t be touched, tasted, or smelled, ghost brands—intangible products or services—surround us in spite of their elusive nature. From insurance to motor oil to software as a service and beyond, customer experiences can be created for your products that lack sensory engagement. Regardless of your organization or industry, at some point most marketers will be tasked with promoting products that demand more creativity to animating their identity and utility. Join Shonodeep Modak as he examines how marketers can bring these illusionary, ethereal products to life.


Presenter Bio:

Shonodeep Modak

Chief Marketing Officer, Industrial Solutions

GE Power

It's tough to be daring in 100-plus year-old industrial B2B and B2C businesses, but by fusing smart analytics with demand creation strategy, Shonodeep has driven breakthrough results that have enabled these companies to remain relevant and grow market position.

From developing and marketing the world's first fuel economy improving motor oil brand at ExxonMobil to doubling GE's gas compression segment share, Shonodeep is an instigator of growth. He brings over 17 years of commercial experience across energy, oil & gas, retail, aftermarket services and electrical distribution. Creative and data-driven, he has architected and led nimble, global teams that have propelled portfolio expansion and driven demand creation.

Shonodeep is currently Chief Marketing Officer for GE's Industrial Solutions business and resides in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Gayatree, and Kartik (7) and Kaira (4). They enjoy visiting new countries and eating as much as possible.

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