Hiring Rock Star Strategists in Marketing

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Marketing holds the potential to drive business strategy and growth for the long-term, but only if you have the right talent in your organization. In this talk, Jennifer Davis, former CMO at Honeywell and Leyard, will share the advice she gives to CEOs when they are hiring marketing talent which applies up and down the organization to make sure you have the strategic horsepower to fuel your growth.


Presenter Bio:

About Jennifer Davis How do you grow a brand to leadership in its category? How do you aim and enable a sales force for optimal effectiveness? How do you partner with R&D on market leading innovation? How do you take the best of B2B and B2C marketing practices and create a brand of lasting value? How do you take customer and market insights and execute a winning strategy for growth? With creativity, focus, energy, and drive, honed by the know-how gained at Fortune 500 companies and the start-up tech community, Jennifer Davis has done just that.

From growing a new business from $0 to $120M in a few short years to launching award-winning innovations (like transparent displays, architectural and LED video walls, and home theater systems), Jennifer is an instigator of growth. From market-leading sales enablement tools to brand and product line strategies, Jennifer balances short-term needs and tight alignment across sales and R&D with long-term vision. With more than 24 years of commercial experience across electronics, software, and services, she has led nimble, data-driven global teams to propel portfolio expansion and deliver double-digit returns in a variety of vertical markets including digital signage, commercial enterprise, retail, medical, and education. Whether the strategy called for organic growth, business transformation, or inorganic M&A activity, Jennifer is a business leader who can assess and adapt to optimize enterprise value. She also contributes to the field as a published author and guest speaker on topics of leadership and marketing and volunteers as a board member.

Jennifer most recently served as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Honeywell's Home and Building Technologies (HBT) division in the Environmental and Energy Solutions (E&ES) business, where she lead innovation and growth in connected homes and connected buildings. Prior to that she was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the international business of Leyard and also served as the vice president of marketing and product strategy at Planar Systems and Runco International. She served as a senior marketing leader at Intel and Pierian Spring Software. These roles put her in the center of the technology industry for a variety of vertical markets including digital signage, corporate offices, control rooms, consumer electronics, broadcast, sports arenas, medical, retail, and education.

She can be found @jenniferdavis on Twitter and on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferbdavis/

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