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Presentation Summary:


(Series: 3 presentations) Part I: The Role of Marketing Today (Released on June 5th) Part II: Driving Customer Experience Part III: From Stone Age to Star Wars - Where are the Pitfalls? (coming soon) Digital transformation is about creating entirely new business models, using technology to support and deliver them. Digital Transformation is disruptive enough to redefine an entire industry. The outcome must entail a paradigm shift that contributes to society. Simply upgrading technology, and digitizing processes is certainly not Digital Transformation, as many still believe. Strategy is what drives Digital Transformation, not technology. It’s not a silver bullet either. Involvement and collaboration is fundamental to make anything happen. For ages, Marketing itself has gone through an important digital transformation, one that keeps evolving. The disruption has redefined ‘marketing’ beyond the marketing department and given it the onus to a catalyst customer experience. For businesses, embracing Marketing and ensuring its at the Core of their Digital Transformation is pivotal. This series of three presentations aims to cover why leadership should see Marketing at the core of Digital Transformation as well as critical roadblocks marketers face.


Presenter Bio:



Sophia Turner-Smith is a multi-lingual, dual masters Chief Marketing Officer having led successful campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, including WPP’s Wunderman, Nokia, Citigroup, ChevronTexaco and Colgate Palmolive. Sophia has a strong background in international branding, B2B and B2C marketing strategy, digital marketing, UX, internal communications, PR, partnerships, social media and advertising having worked in Europe, U.S. and Latin America.

Key Accomplishments

  • Successfully launched newly branded online bank experience for the U.S. domestic audience to bring new deposits, which partly entailed website development using machine-learning predictive content and an interactive data gathering tool that provides insights about the audience’s key financial goals.

  • Launched top ranking banking service to deliver unique value to customers and employees in the shape of a daily loyalty touchpoint right on their mobiles. This was done by negotiating and implementing a FINTECH partnership to address a critical void across the bank in loyalty and up-selling marketing programs. In aligning to the Digital Transformation Committee objectives and those from the lines of business, this unique mobile-driven program served the entire bank (customers and employees), and translated into a revenue generator. It addressed the bank’s objectives to improve customer experience and provide a valuable, daily and innovative touchpoint. It also tackled the bank’s goals for a local acquisition program and community relationship-building with brand differentiation.

  • Led the activation of $100M global campaigns, concurrently, into localized and actionable launches by managing +90 global teams on digital marketing campaign innovation, planning, and strategy with emphasis on SEO, mobile, online sales conversion, social media, CRM, metrics and optimization.

  • Increased online sales conversion and revenue by transforming optimization insights into profitable campaign must-haves in user experience across the world.

  • Directed Wunderman global team deploying one of Nokia’s most critical campaigns, Ovi Maps, adopted in 100% of the client markets, exceeding a service download target of +19M downloads, 2 months prior to target date and resulting in a global active user base of 6.8M just months post announcement.

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