The Keys to Working in a Matrix for Product Marketing

Presentation Summary:

Many businesses have structures and teams that cut across the traditional vertical silos of function, geography and business units. In my experience, almost every organization works within what can be defined as a matrix, whether formal or informal. And you must successfully create a super awesome team comprised of people who answer to many directives.

Since position power is out the door, you are left with a different kind of power. In this webinar, I’ll share a few tips to help you get started in the complex, yet powerful, environment.


Presenter Bio:

Kirsten Jepson, Director, Product Marketing at TELUS International. I lead a global team centered on the research, development, and communication of TI’s global product and service offerings. For the past 25 years I have held senior Product Development, Marketing and Sales roles with companies like Sears, Gallo Winery, Citibank, FIS , JP Morgan Chase, and Sykes


I get great satisfaction from being deeply involved with evolving and refining products, solutions and services for B2B companies. My goal is to discover and focus on solutions that create a satisfying experience for customers and generate revenue for organizations.

I collect shark’s teeth, make beer, and I am avid boater. I am crazy for my amazing husband Edward and my pawesome dog Lady. I am also involved with a number of organizations that provide aid to animals.

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