Aligning Sales and Marketing for Fun and Profit

Presentation Summary:

It's a classic Dilbert cartoon plot line and sadly is very common in so many companies: misalignment between marketing and sales causing waste, confusion, distrust, and poor customer experience.

Whether you are a CEO, head of marketing, or head of sales, find out what misalignment may be costing you and steps you can take to bring the customer back into the center of your business strategy and get sales and marketing working together in active partnership to grow the business.

Check out Jennifer's Presentation that was released May 29th, 2018. Topic: Hiring Rock Star Strategists in Marketing


Presenter Bio:

I have been Chief Marketing Officer for leading companies like Honeywell, Leyard, and Planar, and had senior roles at Intel and software start-ups. I give innovation energy. I have helped companies grow revenues, increase productivity, earn industry recognition and market share, build customer loyalty, formulate strategy, implement disruptive technology, integrate acquisitions, and invent their future.

With war stories to tell, armed with business degrees and industry awards, I want to put the customer first and demystify the teamwork between sales and marketing. Let’s connect. Twitter @jenniferdavis

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