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The MOST Important Leadership Lesson (2:00)

Whether you are leading a team of 3, a department of 30, or an organization of 30,000, you must understand, embrace and internalize this key leadership lesson. Watch and learn.

Model The Way – Walk The Talk: As a leader, you are being thoroughly scrutinized at all times. Every word you utter, every signal you send through your body language and the tonality of your voice, and most importantly the congruency between what you say and what you do. The quickest way to derail even the most eloquently and inspiring communication of a new key strategy or key initiative is to behave in a manner that does not mirror the message.

Consider the following: Are you demonstrating through your actions and the experiences you are creating for those around you the same urgency and engagement you expect from them? Are your actions vividly and tellingly indicating to those you lead your degree of involvement, interest and commitment? Are you and other senior leaders openly and consistently displaying your alignment and commitment, or is there even a hint of dissension or discord?

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