Bringing "Big Company" Marketing Scale To Startups

Presentation Summary:

Startup founders often shun big-company marketers or aggressively solicit them based on what stage the company is at. Technical founders often have varied understanding of the value of marketing and don’t know what kind of hire they need to make as marketing is a “fuzzy” function. Do you prioritize thought leadership, or demand generation? Content or charisma? What should the top priorities of the marketing function be as you grow the company and what functions can actually help it grow? How can you apply the principles of successful go-to-market scale that bigger companies enjoy to the startup spectrum? This session goes into answering some of these questions with anecdotes and best practices peppered with real-world examples.

Presenter Bio:

Shashi Kiran is a CMO at Quali, a venture-funded startup based in the Silicon Valley. He has over 20 years of startup and big-company experience in areas of marketing, product management, business development and alliances.

Formerly he was head of worldwide marketing for Cisco’s data center and cloud portfolio for several multi-billion dollar product lines owning positioning, go-to-market strategies and sales/channel enablement in addition to being a corporate executive spokesperson for investors, media, customers and analysts.

Presently, Shashi also advises early stage venture firms like the Fabric, serves as a mentor to Google’s Launchpad accelerator program, as also other security and AI startups. He enjoys applying creative marketing strategies to companies at different points of scale. Shashi is a frequent blogger, columnist and speaker at hi-tech and business events. He lives in San Jose, CA with his wife and two daughters.

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