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IT PAYS TO BE HUMAN- How human qualities can enhance social engagement

Presentation Summary:

Scott Jaworski, Director of Global Social Media at Intel, and Heidi Singleton, Chief Creative Officer from New Honor Society, share how technology giants and companies large and small can adopt human qualities to create deeper social engagement. This presentation follows CES 2018 where Intel and New Honor Society turned an actual electrical blackout into a social media opportunity.


Presenter Bio:

Scott Jaworski

Director of Global Social Media



As Intel’s Director of Global Social Media & Digital Marketing Media, Scott leads a global team of strategic-minded experts responsible for creating, deploying and maintaining Intel’s worldwide social strategy. His 15 years+ of experience in the industry reflects a diversified skill set of design, media and strategy… applied across brand, agency and start-up; with a proven track record of evolving concepts into revenue-generating experiences. In both previous and current roles, Scott implements and manages an eclectic range of Omni-channel awareness, acquisition and retention-based programs.

When Scott’s not immersed in the digital space, you might find him snowboarding in the great outdoors… or happy at home enjoying family time with his wife, son & boxer, “T-Rex”.


Presenter Bio:

Heidi Singleton

Chief Creative Officer

New Honor Society


While most creative leaders are dutifully focused on elevating the creative work, Heidi Singleton is working to elevate the entire marketing

industry to be a more welcome and meaningful part of people’s lives, benefiting both brands and the people they serve.

“Less Sell, More Soul” is the mantra behind her branding and marketing start up, New Honor Society, and it’s helped clients like Microsoft,

Logitech and Nestlé Dreyer’s create greater engagement and advocacy by behaving more like “people.”

She starts by uncovering a brand’s soul, and helping the brand live into it authentically starting with its company leadership andculture.

In the past year, Heidi has partnered with Logitech’s CEO and CDO to help infuse more humanity into their brand and products, worked with PayPal cofounder Max Levchin to establish a brand DNA for his new financial startup, Affirm, developed an agency-owned urban farming app, Egglist, and changed the global conversation around safe sex with the launch of the FC2, the first FDA approved female condom.

Heidi began her almost 20 year career as a copywriter for branding boutique, Skuzzio, where she developed new brands for Purina and Miller Brewing Company and launched new products and digital platforms for Motorola, Energizer and Quiznos. She then spent several years at Zipatoni integrating digital and retail marketing efforts for Bacardi and Hallmark, before joining IPG’s Rivet as Creative Director,where she led

integrated programs for Splenda, Tylenol and J&J, and launched Dreyer’s social presence on Facebook and Pinterest.

As she noticed a growing desire for audiences to know a brand to a person, caring more about what they stand for than what they sell, she transformed Rivet from a sales-driven promotion agency to a soul-driven society, New Honor Society.


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