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Topic: (3 Part Series)

The Unconventional Futurists – Shattering the Limitations of Traditional Workplace Practices by bringing a New Mindset to HR Solutions


Presentation Summary:

Today, almost every company is going through a digital transformation. Cloud, mobile computing, artificial intelligence and increasing automation have created the potential to transform every aspect of the business. Human Resources must play a prominent role in this transformation moving from its traditional role of program building to creating long-term design for employee experiences. We are moving into the “Consumerization of HR where companies need to create social, mobile and consumer-style experiences for their employees. Some are deeming 2018 the Year of Employee Experiences and it seems to be the next organizational priority.

According to Gardner, more than 90% of businesses compete primarily on the basis of Customer Experience, but it is becoming clearer that this alone will not differentiate organizations. The next competitive Frontier is Employee Experience.

Applying a consumer and digital lens is much more than just incorporating new solutions in HR. Being employee-centered and digital is about having a new mindset, plus a set of consumer-focused and technological skills to creating new HR solutions. Above all, it requires a belief in the power of leveraging the latest consumer technologies inside HR.

In the discussion, The Workforce of the Future and How we Transform, I will discuss global trends and drivers that are shattering the limitations of traditional workplace practices. I will explain why Human Resources needs to rebrand itself and how the shift in mindset to focus on Employee Experience is essential to competitive advantage. I will conclude with recommending some tangible ways to quickly start the journey of change.


Presenter Bio:

Renee Kaspar is a 25-year People Practitioner who has deployed unconventional practices pushing boundaries with her solution-based approaches to complex people scenarios. She has led extensive organizational changes as an HR Leader for top-tier global companies such as General Electric, e-Bay, Amazon, Fidelity, Pfizer and Thomson Reuters.

She is passionate about helping shape the workforce of the future and immerses herself in learning about the impact the digital revolution will have on just about everything we do.

Leading strategic initiatives, she is a workplace visionary and strategist who aligns people priorities with business objectives to drive bottom-line results. She compels business leaders to think differently about work, the workplace and the workforce. Many years ago, when she joined Fidelity as a Director of Human Resources, her former manager told her that she was brought onto the team because of her creativity, and that gift has never failed her. In fact, it is her personal brand. Renee looks at problems with a unique lens and employs creative solutions to just about everything.

Educated as a lawyer with a degree from Whittier Law School and undergraduate degree in International Relations at Boston University along with a Certificate from Harvard in Organizational Change, Renee forged an unconventional career path. She started her career as a practicing lawyer who soon tired of arguing for a living. With determination and aspirations for a career in Human Resources and after much rejection, she took a circuitous path to get there by starting her corporate career with Pfizer as a pharmaceutical sales rep. Unrelenting on her career goal and knowing what she wanted, she quickly became highly successful as a top sales rep year over year and was tapped on the shoulder for promotion. Due to her success, Pfizer wanted to keep on the sales track, but with her eye on the prize and her determination to shift her career to Human Resources, she held out until they found her a human resources role. She became a recruiter at Pfizer to help lead the massive hiring initiative in preparation for the much-anticipated Viagra launch in 1996. Since then she has worked her way up gaining an array of knowledge and experience at several blue chip companies and also advising others through a consulting firm that she founded Seven Wonders. She has led Human Resources M&A work and large-scale Transformations.

Renee is a change agent who cares deeply about people. She knows that human resources is part art and science and through the years she has found the right balance between head and heart which she believes is the secret to her success. She is excited about the changes that are imminently facing her beloved People Practice.

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