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“Digital Ecosystem”

Presentation Summary:

I will share some principal and importance of digital ecosystem.

There are some key principles to be aware in order to better plan the evolution or setup of digital ecosystem.

Digital is part of our daily life, work and continues to evolve rapidly, therefore as manufacturing, IT, sales, marketing and consumer services getting synergie via digital ecosystem become crucial and vital to compete and survive.

Based on my 25 years in that domain, I will share high level lesson learned.

- What is digital ecosystem

- Key layers of ecosystem

- Key trend and tools

- Understand your company needs and digital maturity

- Embrace digital disruption

- Key lessons learned


Presenter Bio:

More than 25 years in Information technology where last 20 were focused on Digital strategy, roadmap and solution design/ implementation across multiple industries.

Among key companies, worked for IBM Global Services global team and last Whirlpool Corporate, where I was Sr Manager IT for EMEA digital Ecosystem.

The last 7 years, created and optimized a digital ecosystem for EMEA at Whirlpool, to support B2C, Marketing and other components like IOT

Digital continue to evolve every year, with key innovations like Artificial intelligence, Cloud microservices, robotic, blockchain, IOT, Voice command applications, wearables and more

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