Global Human Capital Change: History, Challenges and Outlook.

Presentation Summary:

Pat Wilkinson presents a perspective which focuses on the past history of globalization and its impact on the human capital dimension. He suggests that the pace of the change continues to increase from a relatively recent past and this pace of change cannot be stopped, even as national and other cultural forces attempt to slow or alter the pace of globalization in the current environment.

Pat focuses on the key skill sets that have driven globalization from Tribal Leadership, Trade, Invention, Travel and Communications. These ongoing processes have sometimes been fueled by War and Conflict and recently tempered by International Economic and Political Cooperation.

However, there are dangers to suddenly attempting to alter the pace and direction of the global imperative. Pat's outlook focuses on China's emergence in this space as well as the mixed agenda for America's Western Allies. Pat's view is the same factors that fueled globalization will continue and that the talent aspects of the competition will become more urgent for Countries, Companies and workers as they all compete for the same resources.


Presenter Bio:

Pat was born in Germany and raised in France. Pat came to America at age 20 where he pursued a career in Human Resources and later in Global Human Capital Change Management. Pat has held Global and large-scale Regional Chief Human Resources Officer roles with Mizuho Capital Markets, HSBC Private Bank, HSBC Americas Global Banking and Markets and Wealth Management and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson North America.

Previously, Pat held Head of Compensation, Benefits and HRIS roles for Lehman Brothers and The Coca-Cola Company's Columbia Pictures Entertainment Division. During the course of his career Pat has led or been directly involved in the human capital management in upwards of 25 major business restructurings, including mergers, acquisitions, disposals and business turnarounds.

Pat has a Master's Degree in Labor and Industrial Relations foam Michigan State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Maryland. Pat lives in New Jersey, is fluent in French and enjoys History, Classic Rock and Roll, French Literature and tending to his cellar of Red Wine.

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