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Marketing Agility

Presentation Summary:

Organizational agility measure’s a company’s ability to renew itself, adapt quickly, and succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, and turbulent environment. Organizational agility is critical for achieving sustained business growth in today’s marketplace.

Since the marketing team is at the heart of executing the growth plan, marketing must be at the center of the company’s focus on improving agility. Key components of marketing department agility include improving access to market data, enhancing the speed and quality of data analysis, reducing marketing campaign execution timelines, embracing a continuous testing approach to refine and optimize marketing programs and effective evaluation of marketing technology.


Presenter Bio:

For over two decades, strategic marketing executive Brian Ricci has amplified revenue and profit growth for leading enterprises in the consumer goods and retail industries. Brian specializes in leveraging market insights to develop growth strategies and plans. Brian is a consultant at Chief Outsiders, a national management consulting firm and the country’s largest strategic growth implementation company.

Brian has held leadership positions at Masco, G.L. Mezzetta, and Del Monte Foods.

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