Retaining Top Talent, How to keep HIPOs engaged when there aren’t enough promotions to go around

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How do we retain high performers when there simply aren’t enough promotions to go around? How do we keep them engaged and feeling valued when rewarding them monetarily isn’t so much of an option? Are we doing enough to support our workforce at the right times in their careers so they keep contributing?

Presenter Bio:

Julie Abel-Hunt Talent, Leadership and Learning VP, Global Learning and Development at SAP

Julie Abel-Hunt has over 23 years of experience in the field of learning. She looks after design, development, delivery and execution of global learning offerings and experiences delivered to SAP’s 95,000 employees.

In her current role, Julie partners with the HR Center of Excellence to deliver world-class employee-wide learning programs for leadership, talent management, career development, and people sustainability. She has the honor of leading an award-winning design, development and delivery team and setting the learning delivery and implementation strategy for SAP learning.

Julie is interested in creating learning programs and experiences that build alignment, capabilities, mindset and culture, to help develop great leaders and teams. She focuses on driving more consistent learner experiences as well as using metrics and measurement to track the business impact of learning programs.

Previously, Julie led the delivery team for Sales University at SuccessFactors including pre-sales and sales enablement. Prior to SuccessFactors, Julie was a Director of Sales Learning and Development at HP and and Senior Manager of Learning Development at Sun Microsystems.

Julie earned an MA with an emphasis in Adult Learning and Continuing Education, concentration in Workplace Learning from Columbia University in New York City, NY.

Recent publications include: June 2018 Building a Leadership Development Mindset

Mar 2017 Leaders Who Listen and Learn: A Quick Fix to Strengthening Team Development and Growth

Mar 2017 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement in the Digital Era

Julie lives in Boulder, CO with her husband, two boys and two cats.

Eliza Hines: HR Manager: Global Talent, Leadership and Learning Organization Colorado, USA

Eliza has 14 years of experience working in HR/training organizations at enterprise software companies including StorageTek, Sun Micosystems, and Oracle, Her experience includes designing and developing educational content and websites, delivering training sessions, managing vendors, and managing instructional design and facilitation teams, History and Expertise As an instructional designer, Eliza started her career designing and delivering online courses on a wide range of technical topics, sales training topics, and HR software. She then moved into topics such as legal compliance, diversity and inclusion, labor law, health and safety, and anti-discrimination training.

When she became manager of a learning technology team, the job expanded to also include website, wiki site, educational app, and animation/video design and development. Now at SAP, she manages a team who delivers SAP‘s global learning offerings, focusing on enabling SAP‘s leaders globally through a highly effective leadership curriculum.

Overall, Eliza‘s expertise revolves around her passion for helping people learn and grow and creating and delivering engaging and transformative learning experiences. She enjoys consulting teams and organizations on methods for influencing and shaping the achievement of goals and the implementation of new strategies through global HR programs – and ensuring these programs are delivered effectively with strong business results.

Education Eliza‘s educational background includes a PhD in Education from the University of Colorado at Boulder, a Master‘s in Education from the University of Illinios at Urbana-Champaign with a secondary state teaching license in English, and html certification from the University of Colorado at Boulder. She has taught Univeristy courses in Educational Theory, Rhetoric, Business Writing, and English as a Second Language.

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