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1. The Future of Hiring

Angie Wesley, SVP, Head of Talent Acquisition at TIAA

TIAA recognized a fundamental transformation occurring, impacting how organizations work and the composition of their workforce. Research shows that automation and 'artificial intelligence' will replace many human tasks; thus, changing the capabilities that organizations require from their workforce. This shift requires HR leaders to adapt their thinking in how they operate: How do they hire for the future? 


In preparation for this change, TIAA has evolved to incorporate a holistic and integrated approach to hiring for the workforce of the future. Without taking action, the organization would lag in performance, productivity and organization.

2. Capacity Planning for a High Volume Hiring Project

Angela Gambaro, AVP Talent Acquisition at Mr. Cooper

Picture this –

It is Monday morning and you get into the office for the first time in 10 days. because you’ve been on vacation.  You grab yourself a cup of coffee just like any other Monday morning.

Your boss swings by your office to share exciting news – there is a new ramp up of roughly 500 hires for a new division over the next year.  Fast forward to four weeks later and you learn that it is actually 525 hires and they need to be made in the next five months. 

How do you plan for a ramp like this?  Do you have the capacity and resources for your team to be successful?


I will share my experience in handling a situation just like this and how my team plans for success.

3. Using Gamification to Diversity your Candidate Pool and Engage your Employees

Michele Lanza Partner, Global Talent Acquisition, Global HR at Ketchum

This session will focus on winning strategies we took to impact our diversity numbers, hire top talent and engage our employees.  I will share our learnings, failures, successes and innovative approaches that landed us in Fast Company magazine





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