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Participation in this online workshop will allow you to gain new insights in talent acquisition from industry leaders, while helping you identify areas of improvement at your organization. This online workshop includes 4 lessons, and takes approximately 2 hours to complete. There is also an additional 3 bonus presentations to access. Register today using this special free registration page to waive the standard $240 fee. Free registration is extremely limited. The workshop will be available to be completed immediately after registration, and will be available to complete on demand at your own time and pace. 


The Evolution of Modern Recruiters

Julie Coucoules, Head of Global Talent Acquisition at Glassdoor


Recruiters have always played a key role in driving the success of their organizations, but never before has the role of recruiter been so tactical and strategic. Expected to go far beyond putting butts in seats, talent acquisition professionals are – more than ever – expected to have a deep understanding of their unique teams. By building meaningful relationships with hiring managers they can be highly effective and efficient, bringing on people who are the right fit, are highly motivated, and stay for the long term. It’s an exciting time, but the changes are happening fast and it’s critical to keep pace. In this session, you’ll learn how to:


  • Evolve the structure of your team to hire more efficiently at scale

  • Streamline hiring by ensuring a deep understanding of every role

  • Screen for retention and long-term career growth

  • Analyze talent analytics to set benchmarks and inform long-term strategy

Julie Coucoules

Head of Global Talent Acquisition


Bottom Line Outcomes from a Centralized Recruiting Strategy

Bob Selle, Chief Human Resources Officer at Ocean State Job Lot

Bottom line outcomes of a well planned centralized recruiting effort is: 1. Consistent Brand Awareness, Improved Retention, and Higher Associate Engagement. All of these lead to a financial improvement on the bottom line.

In this session, you will learn how Bob Selle, CHRO at Ocean State Job Lot, a Forbes best mid-size employer, accomplishes this. 

Bob Selle

Chief Human Resources Officer

Ocean State Job Lot

Pre-hire Assessments in the War for Talent

Jonathan Canger, Senior Vice President, Global Talent Management & Corporate Human Resources, Marriott Vacations Worldwide 

Pre-hire assessments, also known as employment tests or selection procedures are at a crossroads.  On the one hand, advances in design, platforms and technology (including gamification, social media, mobile delivery and artificial intelligence) have opened up new worlds of options for assessing talent. On the other hand, companies in the United States find themselves in an escalating war for talent, with unemployment at record lows and job openings at record highs.  In that environment, what’s the argument for employing tools that might drive away or screen out the few applicants they’re getting?  What’s a companies to do? 

Jonathan Canger 

Senior Vice President, Global Talent Management & Corporate Human Resources

Marriott Vacations Worldwide 

Activating Your Internal Pipeline

Mark Bocianski, Global Head of Talent and Learning at Western Union

Understanding your internal talent skills and capabilities and creating visibility to that talent is essential to activating your internal pipeline. In this session, we’ll discuss why activate and how to get started.. 

Mark Bocianski, 

Global Head of Talent and Learning 

Western Union


1. The Future of Hiring

Angie Wesley, SVP, Head of Talent Acquisition at TIAA

TIAA recognized a fundamental transformation occurring, impacting how organizations work and the composition of their workforce. Research shows that automation and 'artificial intelligence' will replace many human tasks; thus, changing the capabilities that organizations require from their workforce. This shift requires HR leaders to adapt their thinking in how they operate: How do they hire for the future? 


In preparation for this change, TIAA has evolved to incorporate a holistic and integrated approach to hiring for the workforce of the future. Without taking action, the organization would lag in performance, productivity and organization.

2. Capacity Planning for a High Volume Hiring Project

Angela Gambaro, AVP Talent Acquisition at Mr. Cooper

Picture this –

It is Monday morning and you get into the office for the first time in 10 days. because you’ve been on vacation.  You grab yourself a cup of coffee just like any other Monday morning.

Your boss swings by your office to share exciting news – there is a new ramp up of roughly 500 hires for a new division over the next year.  Fast forward to four weeks later and you learn that it is actually 525 hires and they need to be made in the next five months. 

How do you plan for a ramp like this?  Do you have the capacity and resources for your team to be successful?


I will share my experience in handling a situation just like this and how my team plans for success.

3. Using Gamification to Diversity your Candidate Pool and Engage your Employees

Michele Lanza Partner, Global Talent Acquisition, Global HR at Ketchum

This session will focus on winning strategies we took to impact our diversity numbers, hire top talent and engage our employees.  I will share our learnings, failures, successes and innovative approaches that landed us in Fast Company magazine





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