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The OnCon Icon Awards are public and peer voted awards. The voting period for the 2024 Top 100 team awards is June 5th - July 5th

Award winners will be selected by public and peer votes. Voters will vote for those finalists that they have observed one or more of the following:

  • The team has made a considerable impact on their organization.

  • The team has made strong contributions through thought leadership.

  • The team has shown innovation in their projects.

  • The team leader has demonstrated exceptional leadership.

It's suggested to share your finalist designation with your network to encourage voting once voting opens on June 5th. This is recommended, but not required. There will also be promotion by OnConferences, and indirect promotion by other finalist shares.

Based on the number of votes we will announce the Top 100, 50, 10, and 1 in each of the categories at the OnCon Icon Team Awards virtually on October 22nd, 2024.

In any shares, you may also highlight any successful projects, or accomplishments to further encourage voting.

You can see previous winners here

See more below to assist in your efforts. 

Find your finalist badge below. Click the image to open and download. You may use this badge in any way you choose.


Find the arrow on the right to advance images. Also, if you hover over the image you will see a download icon appear in the middle of the image (click that to download). 

Edit any of the below templates on Canva. You can use these to help promote your status as a finalist. To edit these templates, click here.


Find the arrow on the right to advance images.*You must create a free Canva account to edit. *OnConferences cannot assist with this aspect in any way. 

Ways to promote your status as a finalist:

1. Social Posts (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) You can use the following hashtags if you'd like #onconiconawards #onconferences

2. Emails to team, company, network.

3. Share with your PR team or communications teams. They can share/promote on your behalf.

For those that don't have a lot of time to contribute to this: Simply make one or two LinkedIn posts to share the finalist designation and voting link. 

Text examples that you can use to repost. You may also put your own spin on any of these, and additionally also highlight any projects or successes.

1. Text if You Don't Like Self Promotion: "I'd like to congratulate all the finalists for this year's [INSERT AWARD NAME]. There are some outstanding teams on this year's finalist list. I'd like to encourage you to vote for any team that you feel has made an impressive positive impact on their organization. Congrats to everyone that is a finalist! You can vote using this link: [INSERT VOTING LINK]" #Finalist #OnConIconAwards #OnConferences

2. Text for Celebrating Collaboration: "Thrilled to have our team be named a finalist for this year's [INSERT AWARD NAME] alongside so many other incredible teams! 🎉 This recognition is a testament to the power of teamwork and collaboration. To my teammates, this one's for all of us. Let's continue to create positive impact together! You can vote using this link: [INSERT VOTING LINK] 🚀 #Finalist #Teamwork #Gratitude #OnConIconAwards #OnConferences"

3. Text Acknowledging Team Contribution: "Thrilled to have our team be recognized as a finalist for the [INSERT AWARD NAME], and I want to take a moment to acknowledge our incredible team that made this possible. This nomination is a testament to the collective effort, dedication, and talent of each team member. You can vote using this link: [INSERT VOTING LINK] 🚀 #Finalist #TeamSuccess #OnConIconAwards #OnConferences"

4. Text for Reflecting on the Journey: "Honored to share that my team has been selected as a finalist for the [INSERT AWARD NAME]. 🌟 This journey has been filled with challenges, growth, and incredible learning experiences. This recognition is a testament to the collective effort we've put into our work. Looking forward to the next chapter and continuing to make a difference! You can vote using this link: [INSERT VOTING LINK] 🚀 #Finalist #Gratitude #Journey #OnConIconAwards #OnConferences"

5. Text Emphasizing Impact and Innovation: "Excited for our team being named a finalist for the [INSERT AWARD NAME]! 🌟 This recognition is about the collective impact and innovations my team as a whole has made together. From innovative projects to pushing boundaries, I'm proud of what we've achieved. Now, your voice matters. If you believe our team's journey has been marked by noteworthy innovation, we would be deeply grateful for your vote. You can vote using this link: [INSERT VOTING LINK] 🚀 #Finalist #Impact #Innovation #Grateful #OnConIconAwards #OnConferences"

6. Text Encouraging Thought Leadership Support: "Grateful that our team is among the finalists for the [INSERT AWARD NAME]! This nomination recognizes the value of strong thought leadership. If you've found our team's insights valuable or resonated with our shared vision, your vote would mean a lot. Let's continue to champion thought leadership together! You can vote using this link: [INSERT VOTING LINK] 🌐 #Finalist #ThoughtLeadership #VoteForImpact #OnConIconAwards #OnConferences"


Voting forms will display the list of finalists for your consideration. You may only submit the voting form once per track. You may vote for as many finalists as you would like. To maintain fairness across organizations of varying sizes, there is a maximum limit of 200 votes allowed from each finalist's organization. There are no restrictions on votes received externally. Rest assured, voter information is strictly collected for verification purposes to ensure the credibility of each vote and is not stored. Votes will be counted starting on June 5th and until July 5th.

Screenshot 2024-05-23 at 1_edited.jpg

More About OnConferences:

OnConferences is a thriving community of top executives, uniting leaders across 12 categories: HR, Marketing, Legal, Technology, Finance, Operations, L&D, Data & Analytics, Information Security, DEI, Supply Chain & Procurement, and Talent Acquisition. Membership offers exclusive access to monthly online roundtable discussions and immersive spring and fall virtual conferences in each category. Additionally, OnConferences hosts an executive-level leadership course and a distinguished awards program, recognizing top executives in each field through a peer-to-peer voting process. Our community is predominantly composed of C-Level and VP-Level leaders from prominent organizations globally.

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