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I would highly recommend attendance at the OnConference. My experience was enriching. The opportunity to interact with others who are facing the same opportunities and challenges was uplifting. Everyone was very open to sharing ideas and learning from one another. - Sandra Ugol

Attending the conference was an incredible experience, offering valuable opportunities to learn and network with industry leaders. Coming together to tackle common challenges and find innovative solutions was particularly enlightening. Building connections and finding common ground proved invaluable for navigating the complexities of our industry, and I'm eager to apply these insights in my work. - Adeel Khatri

One of the best events I’ve attended in a long time. A lot of great leaders sharing great ideas across the TA front. I’d highly recommend OnCon. - John Owens

The OnCon 2024 Spring Conference was a worthwhile event where senior level participants across diverse industries and verticals met to exchange knowledge and experience across an array of relevant subject matter. It was a well-paced and extremely organized virtual event and one in which I would highly recommend. - Alison Panza

I am beyond honored to have received the OnCon top marketer award! The experience was truly unforgettable, and I am grateful for the recognition from such a prestigious organization. Thank you to the organizers for putting together an incredible event and for all the hard work that went into making it a success. I am truly humbled by this award and look forward to continuing to make an impact in the marketing industry. - Joanna Pawlowska

The OnCon 2024 Virtual Summit & Awards was a terrific opportunity to network, knowledge share and learn, and acknowledge the leaders in each of the professional tracks. Well done Sean, Kris, and OnCon Team! Thank you for including me in this fantastic experience! - Keri Stockland

Thanks for the invitation to attend this amazingly well-organized multi-day virtual event. I have held and attended several business conferences and I was very impressed by you and all the networking sessions leaders along with their professionalism and communication regarding all topics. I look forward to the next OnCon event. - John Burns

This is truly one of those great forums where we come together and honestly share our successes and challenges to help us grow and learn together. Thank you to the OnCon team and Sean Tomarelli for making these events a reality! - Janice Jacobs

The OnCon summit was a great way to learn how leading marketers are addressing issues i am currently facing. Well worth the time to attend. It was also the best organized virtual meeting I have attended. - John Neilson

The OnCon conference was a pivotal experience. It offered invaluable insights into the latest strategies and a great platform for networking with peers. Highly recommended for any CFO looking to enhance their expertise and impact! - Karen Friar

I have been attending this conference for a couple of years now and I leave very invigorated and ready to face challenges with a renewed energy and vision coming from the interaction of other CIO/CTOs. - Michael Hoyt

The caliber of talent that participates in an OnConference event is phenomenal. I have learned so much from the roundtable discussions and appreciate being recognized among a remarkable group of my peers. - Heather S Esposito

I had the pleasure of attending the recent OnCon 2024 event and was exceptionally impressed by the caliber of the experience. From the informative sessions to the meticulously organized schedule, the event proved to be an invaluable platform for both professional development and fostering meaningful industry connections. The sessions that resonated most deeply with me were those that showcased the real-world experiences and case studies presented by the speakers. These resonated particularly strongly as they mirrored situations I have encountered throughout my own career. The insights and knowledge gleaned from these sessions will have a direct and positive impact on my current work. OnCon exceeded all my expectations, proving to be a well-run and comprehensive event. I wholeheartedly recommend it to any professional seeking to remain at the forefront of industry trends, connect with esteemed colleagues, and expand their skillset. - Dr. Vamsi Mohan Vandrangi

I truly admire the way ONCONFERENCE orchestrates online conferences—the logistics and virtual setup are both impressive and measurable. Kudos to Sean for his exceptional work! - Manoj Srivastava

This is the best Virtual Conference I have ever had. - Zechariah Oluleke Akinpelu

One of the best virtual events I have attended. Lots of interaction and face-to-face time. Engaging and relevant topics too. - Ivo van der Kleij


Great conference! Loved being able to speak directly with peers during conference sessions and social breaks. The format of the conference was great and our hosts from OnCon were awesome at keeping us informed and engaged. - Kevin A Novak

The event was meticulously planned to cater to all tracks with a focused and systematic approach. Professionals shared invaluable knowledge that was truly impressive. I strongly encourage participating in this enriching experience. - Shafaq Khurram

When I received the nomination for this honor I was skeptical and remained reserved throughout the process until I received the event box. The box and award were well worth the money. I could tell from the event box, and the careful planning that went into it, that the event was going to be fantastic. I went from being skeptical to having high expectations and I was not disappointed. The event was the true reward for the hard work I had done. The event was eye-opening and supportive. I was able to connect with impressive professionals from a wide variety of industries which helped me get outside of my own box and tackle my old problems with new solutions. I received new perspectives, answers, questions, concepts, and connections that have reenergized the passion I have for my position. I must win again. Not for the award. Not for the resume builder. But for the experience of getting to spend time with industry leaders in such a beautifully organized yet free form discussion, which is priceless. - Molly Fields

"This is my first time attending the event. The OnCon Virtual Conference was fantastic! I gained so much from the industry leaders' insightful talks and diverse perspectives. The interactive sessions kept me engaged, and the chance to connect with colleagues worldwide from different industries was invaluable. I highly recommend this event to anyone looking to elevate their skills and the opportunity to network." - Vincent Sibayan

The OnCon program was professionally run with excellent programs with my peers and a quality awards program! Hope to be part of them in the future. - Jon Briggs

A great gathering of some of the most experienced legal leaders in the country, from all different industries - Morgan Fong

What a fruitful two days! So well organized, facilitated, and informative. Being able to connect and learn with other industry professionals was the exact refresher I needed. Thanks for a fantastic experience! - Aaron T. Jones

I continue to benefit from my OnCon membership through collaborating with and learning from other talented executives from around the world. - Jeremy Erlick

Being recognized among such esteemed peers was truly an honor. The OnCon awards ceremony was a remarkable experience, highlighting the dedication and innovation within the technology industry. Despite the virtual setting, the event fostered a sense of community and celebration. I commend the OnCon team for their efforts in orchestrating such an engaging and memorable event. I eagerly anticipate future ceremonies and opportunities to connect with fellow technology professionals. - Chris Roberson

As the Chief Information Security Officer at my company, attending the OnCon virtual conference was a highly enriching experience. The honesty and collaborative spirit displayed throughout the sessions were particularly impactful. It was refreshing to engage in a platform where transparency was embraced, allowing for genuine knowledge sharing and innovative problem-solving. This event not only deepened my understanding of current cybersecurity trends but also expanded my professional network in meaningful ways. I highly recommend OnCon events to any professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of industry developments and foster significant professional relationships. - Anthony Siravo

The OnCon Virtual Conferences offer quality topics and information, excellent presentations from top industry thought leaders, and do so in a convenient, cost-effective manner. If you've never experienced one of these events, it is time to broaden your horizon. You won't be disappointed. - Scott Conn

OnCon does a tremendous job in bringing the community together to discuss & exchange knowledge of current topics. The event was very well organized, kudos to Sean & his team for meticulous planning & communication. I will certainly encourage everyone to participate and share your insights with the community. This is another way to giving back to the community by sharing your expertise & knowledge you posses while learning a few new tricks. - Raj Vuchatu

OnCon conferences and the OnCon membership is a valuable resource for any senior professional. - Michael Kennedy

The event was very well organized and loved the insights shared by fellow leaders. Amazing to see senior leaders from various areas - ranging from CMO, CHRO, CFO to CIO/CTOs all under one 'virtual' roof! Well done Sean and the entire OnCon team! - Prashant Arora


This event was well thought out and so worthwhile. The engagement played a significant role in the success, and it delivered. It's great to surround myself with like-minded people that I can learn from and leave feeling excited. Well done! - Kristyn Ramsey

It was one of the best events I have attended. The format and the management of the virtual platform was perfect and the participants were very engaged. - Ellen Bailey

Great content, great speakers, an engaging conference with so many tracks and no shortage of relevant topics that meet your needs. - Alvin Joseph

I love the OnCon conference. Each year, it gets better and better. By far, this is the most well organized virtual conference I've attended. Definitely recommend!! - Cheryl Tuning

For a first time nominee to OnCon, the nomination for an organization in South Africa who has been doing business in the US for only almost 5 years now, and the support received from my peers and co workers was so humbling. Being able to network with various industry leaders at the conference was invaluable and I have made amazing connections. Being announced as a Top 50 winner was not only an amazing honor, but also a testament to all the work that is done through and with the wider team at CCI. Proud of South Africa and the continent as a whole. Thank you to the OnCon team. What are you waiting for. Connect! - Shavone Dajee

This year marked my first nomination and award receipt at the OnCon Icon Awards. The sessions leading up to the awards were incredibly beneficial, providing me with valuable information and suggestions. The box that accompanied my award was beautifully and thoughtfully designed. I was thoroughly impressed and had a wonderful experience! - Antonio Saldana-Flores

Onconferences was one of the most engaging and interactive virtual conferences I have attended. I will definitely be attending next year! - Jonathan Tellez

OnCon always puts on fantastic events that are packed with value. The sessions are filled with useful insights and it's great to hear from experts who really know their stuff. What I love most is getting to connect with so many leaders from the learning and development industry. It’s refreshing to engage in meaningful conversations and share different perspectives. Each event is not only informative, but also fun and interactive. I always come away feeling inspired and ready to apply what I've learned. - Ryan Human

Sean does a wonderful job facilitating the conversations and the conference as a whole. It’s a valuable experience to be able to hear from established professionals in the HR functions as well as Marketing, Finance, L&D, IT, and others also on how they address solutions to some of the relevant challenges businesses face from multiple lenses. I would highly recommend leaders get involved who have a desire to make a real difference and positive impact in their business community. - Laura Frederickson

This was my first time attending OnCon2024 and I would recommend. it' was a great setting to have some meaningful conversation and engagement with fellow Talent Acquisition leaders from various industries, - Angela Pointer

Sean and Kris do a fabulous job with this unique and engaging event. I really appreciate all that they do for us! - Jenny Marchiniak

Thanks for organizing an impactful conference! It was a great experience. - Aayush Mudgal

The OnCon annual event is one of my favorites. As a marketer, it brings together all types of individuals and experiences that we can all benefit from. From the large Fortune 500 to the smallest family operation, we all have something to share, learn, and apply to our daily marketing lives! - John Ely

Excellent ability to learn while saving the travel time. - John Meredith

I loved attending the OnCon Virtual Conference! I loved meeting DEI Executives from a multitude of industries! The content was amazing and the peer to peer sharing of best practices and lessons learned was just what I needed. And, the ice breaker topics helped to ease nerves and made the networking breaks value-added...even for us introverts! I'm already looking forward to next years! - Rhonda Mower

Sean has put together a special forum for networking and honoring those that are experts in their field. This was my first OnCon event and I will be back for more! I have created new networks that I know will yield positive benefits! - Adrianna Marino

This event was excellent. Well structured with interesting topics and a broad variety of presenters and participants. - Linda M. Fleming

The OnCon event was incredibly valuable as a newer Director at my company. The diversity of TA leadership talent and industries represented allowed for valuable and thought provoking discussions while validating some of the common struggles in the space. I've made so many new connections and have new tools in my "tool kit" to bring back to my organization. - Allison Miller

I am new to OnCon, though the experience was fantastic. This was a great way to understand how all industry is viewing the evolution of business in the future. We all have a voice, and this was a great way for all of our voices to be shared with our fellow global business executives. I intend to participate in the years to come and will be able to share my experience with other business leaders. Thank you OnCon! - Thomas Heinz

OnCon is a great conference, well planned, valuable content and thought-provoking dialogue with the session leads and participants. Well, done, ON Conferences team. - Cassye Cook Provost

I would congratulate Onconferences team for such a splendid and marvellous programme wherein everything was well thought thru and nicely crafted with personal touch. Special mention to Sean for his passion and dedication to make this event a great success. Very happy to be part of the award function and adjudged Top 10 CFO for 2024. Wish you the very best for future programs! - Loknath Sahoo

Thank you to the ONCON team for such a wonderful conference this year. The opportunity to learn, idea share and network was amazing and the subject matter was very relevant to today's issues facing marketing leaders. - Alysha Monfette

OnCon provides real world experiences and a safe place for leaders to engage with one another in a virtual / safe environment. - Michael Ringman

This was my first OnConference and I am glad I attended. The sessions were great and well thought out. The whole system seemed to run smoothly. - Dustin Morris

Thank you OnCon for hosting this event full of knowledge sharing between an incredible set of peers!!! It was an honor and a learning experience all at the same time! Very worthwhile experience! - Maria Weicker

The onconferences virtual summit was a great time for me to meet with other learning and development professionals, discuss the challenges we face in our organizations, and share best practices to overcome some of those challenges. - Peter Sawchuk

It was a great experience getting to know my peers and build new connections at the conference and beyond! - Addie Johnsen

Great virtual engagement & event. Fresh approach to topics that are top of mind for executives. - Pranay Mital

OnCon is a great place for leaders in various industries to network and learn about best practices, not only in your area of expertise but to learn about other areas that can be brought back to your companies. Along with the array of benefits, roundtables and opportunities, I recommend OnCon as a great organization to be a member. - Ilyssa DeCasperis

The OnCon conference and awards are a great way to connect with leaders across multiple industries and celebrate our accomplishments. - Marc Alter

It was a great conference that built the bridge over the Atlantic Ocean. We are closer than we have ever been. Thanks to organizers and to all participants who made it great. - Michaela Jandova

The awards and the OnCon Event are a great opportunity to bring executives from all industries together. - Dirk Hein

OnCon does a great job bringing together a blend of industries and functional leaders to ensure a great learning experience for all who participate. - Paul Joachimczyk

Sean and the team did an amazing job from the nomination process all the way to post awards. I loved all the personal touches that he had including the personalization of the gift boxes. Sean was also very timely in his responses, and was always within 24 hours of my emails. The speakers that led the sessions were thorough, and I liked that they were not necessarily experts, so it allowed for more organic conversations. Overall a really well done event - Jannett Handy

A great way to interact with other professionals on relevant topics. - Heidi St. Clair

This was a wonderful opportunity to learn from so many executives across many industries. - Maria Tedesco

OnCon created a powerful collection of leaders across different leadership roles and industries to create power collaborative sessions with rich content. It was insightful and helpful with a lot of new ideas to take into my organization. - Dan Lasher

We were able to benchmark our roadmap for Inclusion and Belonging and Management Development -- this benchmark was with companies bigger and further down the roads and is invaluable for me as the architect and my CHRO who can go back to the executive team and board of directors with this reassurance the investment is well placed - Dyan Connolly

It was a well coordinated and run event, with a good mix of CISOs from various industries. This helped facilitate interesting discussion. - Alexander Schuchman

The OnConferences program is well organized and provides invaluable opportunities to learn and connect with a terrific cross section of top CMOs from every industry. I’ve made wonderful connections and always walk away with great insights and actionable information. Sean and his team are top-notch! - Amy Shepherd

Good networking opportunity - Miguel Sanchez

OnCon is a great event that allows for professionals to have real discussions around business problems and share ideas around solutions. - Michelle Randall-Berry

Being new to OnCon this year, I did not know what to expect but the conference was beyond expectations. It was informative and collaborative with informed executives from across all disciplines. Both the information and the networking were truly one of a kind and even better than anticipated. - Christy O'Connor

The presentations were excellent and full of ideas I could immediately utilize. - Colin McDonald

The conference was a fantastic opportunity to engage in dialogue with other thought leaders on topics that are relevant and timely. - Stefanie Jacquemin

The OnCon Conference provides a great place for professionals to connect and gain current and timely insights for various disciplines within the offered tracks. The presenters were both engaging and knowledgeable. I plan to attend future conferences to become re-energized! - Dionne Adams

Great conference and great people. Thank you! - Julia Schott

OnCon provided the opportunity to interact with others that some time had options that differed from your own. This provided the opportunity to learn. - Vince Fitzpatrick

My participation in the OnConference virtual conference left me engaged. I immediately was able to take things learned and apply them at my firm as I was able to connect with thought leaders in different industries with varied backgrounds. - Tiffany McLean

The OnCon conference is a rare opportunity to connect with cross industry professionals in executive positions and continue to build competency as a senior leader. - Nicole Curtis

As a first-time OnCon participant, I was very impressed with the opportunities to interact with diverse leaders and organizations. I appreciated the broad topics and I look forward to future conferences! - Tracy Salters

Very interactive and insightful conversations applicable to current issues. - Susan Ball

Very well put together Conference! - Bhavya Gupta

Thank you OnCon! I am truly humbled by this recognition and incredibly honored to be considered among so many talented leaders within many different industries. On behalf of my team, thank you for this acknowledgement of the exceptional work they did this year. I am so proud of them for their dedicated and committed effort, and very much appreciate this special distinction. - Jill C. Klar

Great event and quite insightful on what's happening in the Tech industry. - Deepak Anish Baran

This was a first for me with ONCON and a pleasant experience being able to meet such fantastic Procurement/Supply Chain Professionals! Looking forward to future events as it pertains to elevating Supply/Chain Procurement! - Zai Mohammed

OnCon is a great virtual event to meet and learn from colleagues on today’s top technology challenges and what their doing to stay ahead. - Dara A Meath

Onconferences is great platform for a very candid conversation with industry leaders. Very engaged discussion on important topics related to data analytics. - Jasmeet Singh Bhatia

Thank you for a truly engaging conference. - Susan Bracker Bergethon

OnCON event is a great way to connect with other professionals, share information, ponder on ways to have improvement and build your network. - Janet Pack

My first experience with OnCon Conferences was fantastic! There were so many great leaders sharing experiences and knowledge. I'm definitely coming back! - Carolyn Lewandowski

My experience at OnCon 2024 was wonderful. The sessions were engaging, and I loved having the opportunity to meet talented individuals from across the globe. - Tamico Washington


Sean and his team really are excellent at what they do. OnCon is so well recognized across so many industries and making the list is really a great career accomplishment because unlike other awards out there, this one is NOT pay to play and must be earned with votes by industry peers. Sean's mother makes one incredible winners box. - AJ Cross

This year's OnConfernces event was filled with networking and shared expertise. I can't think of any other event that allows me to engage with my peers in such an impactful way. There were leaders from diverse companies and with unique perspectives to help guide the conversation to uncover real world solutions to the challenges we all face. - Allen Larson

OnCon is a really great organization that does a great job of connecting executive to learn from one another. They help to provide the structure needed to have meaningful collision of conversations for executives. - Andre Boyd

"As a CISO in the field of information security, I found the conference to be an invaluable platform that brought together well-known, respected, and highly educated security professionals from around the world. What sets the OnCon Conference apart is its unique ability to foster meaningful discussions among attendees. The collaborative environment and interactive sessions allowed for open exchanges of ideas, challenges, and best practices. It was inspiring to see how professionals from diverse backgrounds came together to address current issues, share experiences, and explore strategies to tackle the ever-evolving landscape of information security. Additionally, the networking opportunities at the OnCon Conference were exceptional. The chance to connect with like-minded professionals, forge new relationships, and expand my network was invaluable. The organizers did an excellent job of creating an environment that encouraged networking and facilitated meaningful connections, leading to fruitful collaborations and knowledge sharing beyond the conference itself. - Anthony Siravo"

OnCon is a fantastic high quality conference where GCs engage in meaningful dialog and share best practices. I am honored to have attended and been a part of the group of Legal leaders active in the OnCon ICON community. - Ashianna Esmail

Wonderful experience from end to end. Love the high touch attention from Sean and his team and the quality of the CHRO's I was able to access and learn from was amazing. - Beth Giglio

Excellent program. Great content. A valuable use of my time. - Bradley Schaufenbuel

OnCon 2023 was an amazing experience, providing the opportunity for deep discussions on relevant topics with peers who lead their functions across a wide variety of industries. - Bret Fischer

I'm so happy to have participated and benefited greatly from the peer to peer insights and ideas!! - Bruce Daise

OnCon provides a great opportunity to network with your peers and discuss issues, concerns and approaches that need to be considered. It's great to have a platform to hear what other GC/CLOs are doing to address issues that you may be dealing with right now. - Bryon Koepke

I have found my OnCon membership to be informative, engaging and fun. I've enjoyed getting to know some of the fellow legal counsel members, hearing their insights on different issues of the day, and getting to know them personally. I receive a lot of value from the membership. - Carrie Carbone

It was a great experience sharing best practices with my peers! - Carrie Hansen

I am glowing with inspiration and pride. After an incredible two day summit full of high-level learning and networking, I am honored and excited to share that I received a Top 100 Talent Acquisition Professional award last night at the OnCon Icon Awards via OnConferences, nominated by my peers, for the 3rd year in a row! I am deeply humbled to be named among such brilliant leaders in the talent acquisition field. Congratulations to all nominees and award winners! The event is beautifully executed annually, and it is so valuable to learn from and celebrate each other in the TA profession. - Christina Stokes

The OnCon program continues to provide a significant amount of valuable thought leadership on a multitude of topics. I view this as a tremendous supplement to my learning and development initiatives. Moreover, it has provided an outstanding opportunity to network with peers from around the world. - Craig Dexheimer

Awesome event with a real opportunity to engage with likeminded people and talented professionals. Appreciate the connections built and the learning shared! - Crystal Steen

The 2023 OnConference was a phenomenal experience! Besides the honor of being named top 50, having the opportunity to interact with major thought-leaders in Human Resources and other fields was impactful and invigorating. I came away with valuable expertise, fresh perspectives, and net-working connections from all over the world. I want to thank Sean Tomarelli and his entire team for hosting an amazing event. Thank you. - Cynthia Knight

The OnCon marketing summit was an outstanding conference. Very relevant information for me in my role, and good perspectives from knowledgeable and experienced professionals across industries. I would recommend for anyone looking for fresh perspectives on their profession. - David Ellis

Great event! - David Mamikonyan

I enjoyed the conference very much. The session leaders were well prepared and engaged active involvement from the peer group in each session providing for many different shared experiences and lessons learned. - Denny Britt

OnCon conference provides a great forum to exchange ideas, spot trends and stay ahead of the curve, which is so important from Marketing perspective and for me as a CMO. - Dessy T. Vautrin

The 2023 OnCon conference was a wonderful experience offering a professional space to network with leaders across different fields and companies, while having the opportunity for ongoing professional development at the executive level, that could be brought back to one's individual company. - Dr. Nicole Curtis

I really enjoyed my participation at Onconferences, being able to share experiences with senior peers that can provide meaningful feedback is great, looking forward to the next event. - Edgar Escobar

OnCon is an excellent organization. For any C-level executive it is one of those "must haves". An outstanding group of people in the organization and the leader, Sean Tomarelli, always does a topnotch job at all the endeavors of OnCon. So glad I joined. - Eric Herzog

OnCon is a chance to switch gears for a few days and introduce new viewpoints into your routine. I was struck by how broad the representation was across industries, businesses of different sizes, and at different stages in their growth cycles - and, at the same time - how common our problems and opportunities were. This combination of diversity and share interest created great discussions. - Erik Ryan

Sean always does a wonderful job orchestrating all of the annual OnCon awards shows, conferences, meetings and other professional events! - Garrett Smiley

Best Conference = Great Content / Excellent Facilitator / Knowledgeable Organizer / Amazing Team / Dynamic Discussion / Innovative Topics / Inspiring Leader - Sean & All Participants !!!! - Hong Sae

The OnCon Conference was well coordinated and engaging. I left with notes and things to ponder on for improvement. - Janet Pack

Perfectly managed online conferences bringing world class talent together inside and outside of their respective fields to discuss business issues, future opportunities, and technological advances. - Jason Marrone

Thanks you OnCon for this impactful event.. The open format and time allocated for dialogue provided an excellent forum to exchange ideas. - Jay Bellissimo

The OnCon Team hosted a great event! The rotating breakout sessions provided a lot of useful information and best practices from the best in their respective fields. - Jeff McLanahan

The OnCon Awards are very well planned and executed upon. They have a process that is truly open and represents who is selected. Sean does an outstanding job at orchestrating this annual event and it keeps getting better and better. - Jeffrey M. Vinson, Sr

Sean and Kris are amazing hosts! - Jenny Marchiniak

The OnCon Annual Conference 2023 was a stellar event. The peer to peer information sharing and networking is highly beneficial. - Jerome D. Hamilton

The OnCon Icon Awards Ceremony was a privilege to be apart of recognized in. By being voted on by your peers shows the success one has in their profession and how impactful they are. Not only did I receive Top 10 but my employer recognized me for being voted Top 10 in my category and has began discussions on advancement. - Jessica Turner

I would first say that the OnCon events practice what we preach in marketing every day - serve the customer! As CMOs, not many events speak directly to our needs, nor do they offer such great networking opportunities, albeit totally online! The OnCon Marketing event brought together the best minds I know in marketing - from all types of industries and from all sizes of companies. At every OnCon event I come away with a breadth of new knowledge and energized with great ideas. I don't just find contacts here, I make friends and It's a great community to be a part of! - John Ely

This is my second year attending OnCon and I have been very impressed with the organization and engagement. Session topics were on point and there was strong engagement by attendees. It was well worth my time and I expect to attend again in 2024. - John Raymond

The event was very well designed and seamlessly organized. The wide variety of topics covered over the two days differentiates this from other experiences, not to mention the countless talented leaders and participants that contribute to the dialogue and best practices sharing. An event well worth your time. - John Reing

I really enjoyed the informal nature of the event, and the ability to network with other senior level marketers. Thank you for the invitation! - Julia A Geffner

"I had the pleasure of attending the OnCon conference, and it was truly enlightening. The opportunity to network and connect with peers from various industries was invaluable. Learning from their experiences and exchanging ideas on tackling common challenges was inspiring.
Overall, the conference was well-organized, informative, and engaging. I highly recommend this conference to finance professionals looking to expand their knowledge and network. - Karen Friar"

I recently attended the CHRO OnConferences and found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. The speakers were highly knowledgeable, engaging, and provided practical insights and strategies that I can take back to my organization. The networking opportunities were also exceptional, allowing me to meet and connect with other CHROS and industry experts. - Karen Richard

One of the smoothest, widest-ranging, and most focused conferences I've attended. - Karyn Polak

OnCon event was structured and organized in all the right ways. The topics were timely, the facilitators were engaging, and the organization for a virtual event was like nothing I have experienced. - Kate Sberna

It was great to be able to share ideas and learn from others in the Talent space! - Kathy Schrepferman

Well run, organized event that gave Talent Acquisition Professionals a forum to share and shine. - Kelly Hunter

"A great event - extremely well organised and one of the best virtual events I have attended. I really appreciated how open and engaged participants were and how generous they were with sharing their expertise and experience." - Kirstie Speck

The ONCON Learning & Development sessions were exceptional peer discussion opportunities! - Kristi Conlon

OnCon does a great job of bringing together industry experts for discussion-based sessions. I found the session leaders knowledgeable and good at facilitating discussions. The insights were helpful in my business area. - Kristi J. Lisbon

The OnCon event was a great opportunity to network with industry leaders on today's trending topics. Hearing best practices, challenges, and debating viewpoints brought immediate value in terms of sharing or applying some of that new knowledge. Highly recommend. - Kristy DeLeeuw

The OnCon Virtual Event had great content and was well attended with a good mix of group conversations and break out groups. I recommend for CMOs who are looking for timely topics and networking. - Kristy LoRusso

OnCon creates the right environment for meaningful conversations and networking about relevant topics many are grappling with. Their peer awards that recognize the best of the best raise the bar in elevating professionals who excel so that we can all learn. - Laura Butler

The OnConference was a fantastic experience. The leaders who participated were knowledgeable and eager to share best practices. I enjoyed participating. - Laura Drew

The OnCon experience allows one to gain insight to HR innovation, and opens relationship doors to many of the top HR leaders across industries! - Len Carter

2023 was my first time attending the ONCON Conference. Enjoyed the smaller collaboration groups with other TA leaders from various industries. Eash session was informative, interactive, and relevant in today's market. - Lori Anne Roberson

This was a great event! Thank you for connecting me with colleagues throughout L&D to hear valuable insights from other industries. Very helpful. - Marc Alter

If you are interested in broader networking and hearing how others are succeeding in your field, I highly recommend OnCon! - Marnice Emerson

The OnCon Conference experience has provided me with a great peer group network as well as an opportunity to collaborate with fantastic leaders from many industries. - Maurice Rondeau, MA CPTD

Great opportunity to come together with colleagues globally to share best practices and create a broader network. - Melanie Tinto

Very well designed for virtual session. Experience was flawless and Sean guided us every step of the way. Flawless planning and delivering! - Meleesa Trujillo

OnCon does a fantastic job of bringing together some of the best and brightest talent in the HR world. If you are looking to continue to grow and develop professionally, I highly recommend any of their events. - Michael Christman

In today's rapidly changing times and challenges, it is enormously supportive to have a forum like OnCon, where I can communicate with my CFO colleagues to help me focus on solutions - Michael Kennedy

There are many conferences, roundtables, boards, and discussion groups on Marketing Leadership and CMO activities. OnCon stands out because it is peer lead, free of sales pitches and really allows us to learn from each other and make connections that are lasting and useful. - Michael Margolies

Great conference! - Michael Ringman

"An award that recognizes your talent is an honor and encouragement, but the journey's memorable moments are the true awards. I am grateful for OnCon's program as it provides an opportunity to highlight the amazing people I work with as there is no CMO that is successful ‚ and it is the team that is successful and by winning this award it showcases their true talent. Thank you OnCon for providing the spotlight for our team." - MIchaela Dempsey

OnCon 2023 was an incredible event. I spent two days learning from and exchanging ideas with talented peers and industry experts. The event ran smoothly and flew by. It was well worth my time. - Michelle Randall-Berry

A great conference of learning and sharing! - Monique Waldrop

The conference was fantastic and hoping I'll be invited back for next year's. - Nate Vanderheyden

Excellent opportunity to connect with peers and share perspectives. - Olesea Azevedo

Never have I attended a conference so well organized. The communication was unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced. No detail was missed. The variety of experts and their focus on hearing from the professionals in the room was refreshing. No lectures or being talked at. Very inclusive and enlightening. I left with several insights which I am grateful for. - Patricia Rowe

OnCon is an amazing platform where peers come and have open discussions and build connections. Share ideas and discuss challenges. Good experience with the way it was organized and planned. - Paul

Honored to be recognized by my peers by a important industry organization, ONCON - Peter

I was very pleased to participate in ON CONFERENCES 2023 both as a presenter and as a listener. The engagements with senior leaders in marketing and other career disciplines was highly engaging, valuable and quite rememberable. The flowing intense sobriety coupled with jaunty spirits of so many attendees and presenters was both refreshing and highly valuable. I highly recommend the ONCON Conferences and am looking forward to participating again next year.  - Peter Weedfald

OnCon is a great opportunity to have more indepth and meaningful conversations on hot topics while expanding knowledge as well. - Pipier Bewlay

Good discussions! - Pooja Dewan

"It was an amazing event, Sean and team did an awesome job! It was great to be recognized among other top industry peers." - Preet Raj

Very organized, seamless programming! - Rachael Peters

The 2023 conference was well organized and the topics in the CHRO track were on point. The experience and knowledge sharing made the conference well worth attending. - Ramona Thompson

"Participated in the OnCon 2023 event on the GC/CLO track. Amazing to meet such a talented and engaged group of peers and be able to exchange ideas and best practices in an open and collaborative forum. Topics for discussion were spot on, and the OnCon team ran an extremely well oiled machine. Would highly recommend." - Richard Eskew

The team at OnConferences always delivers on what they promise. The sessions run smoothly and the people leading the sessions are always knowledgeable and keep the sessions moving forward. I would suggest that anyone in a leadership roll would benefit from one of the tracks offered from OnConferences. - Robert Tafeen

The OnCon CHRO event Spring 2023 included talented and relevant speakers and topics, I was able to bring back to my company many tools. - Rose Rogers

The OnCon Virtual Conference was a great opportunity to connect with other L&D professionals across a variety of industries. There was a high level of interaction and discussion among the participants, which allowed me to understand the programs and resources each organization is using or exploring. - Sara Huddleston

The OnCon is so well organized, full of incredible information and it's also an amazing opportunity to connect and build relationships with my peers. I never fail to learn during these conferences and they challenge me to look at our process and workflow in a different light. Because of the idea sharing that happens, I grow in my role and I am able to bring new ideas to our process to continue to improve. - Sarah Griffiths-Briggs

Sean put together an exclusive well run conference that spotlights today's topics across various industries. - Sennette Krug

Thank you OnCon for bringing together people with deep insights in their space and organizing insightful sessions. - Srijani Dey

This was my first OnCon and it exceeded my expectations. The material was interesting and relevant. Each session was thought-provoking and interesting. I look forward to participating again next year. - Steph Berry

OnCon CISO event was well organized, topics were relevant, participants were engaged and there was great interaction between peers. I walked away with wealth of information that would be useful in maturing our Cyber and Risk management programs. - Sunil Agarwal

OnCon provides an excellent platform to connect with industry peers to have open dialog for information sharing and connection. The knowledge that I take away from these forums is invaluable. - Taison Kearney

OnConferences is a great group of GCs from a variety of industries and places that come together monthly to discuss a number of issues. I have always enjoyed being able to hear the experiences of others and to adopt their ideas as practice. - Tajanae Mallett

OnCon is my favorite Virtual Industry set of events. The ease of how to navigate in and out of virtual rooms is unsurpassed in my opinion and the participants are always engaged with Topical subject areas. - Thomas Mavroudis

I really liked the event, great opportunity to meet influencers in your industry and have vivid discussions. - Vera Dudochkina

This conference is a great opportunity to share ideas, concerns, innovations and strategies with colleagues who are facing many of the same organizational challenges that you might be. - Vickie Anenberg

OnCon's approach to bring together senior leaders from across functions offers a unique opportunity to share ideas and experiences for solving today's big challenges and growth expectations that require collective action. - VJ Bala

The conference is a welcome addition for those who want to accelerate their knowledge while developing contacts within their practice area. - William Hochul

OnCon is a great organization, bringing people together across industries to learn from each other and share experiences. - Yumi Clevenger-Lee

This was a great event. I had the opportunity to meet people from different industries and share ideas. - Zanelle Nichols


I was extremely impressed that even in a virtual environment, extremely senior level individuals took the time to actively participate in cutting-edge topics.  The OnCon team is top notch and did a great job communicating, coordinating, and pulling it all off! - Joshua N. Pila


A very well organized event with engaged participation and a wonderfully connected way to listen and learn from peers and others. - ​​Adrianne Court


The OnCon 2022 event was a great networking event with on point, relevant topic discussions. The breakout sessions were extremely beneficial and a great use of time.  I look forward to participating in OnCon 2023. - Doug Balyeat


In a rapidly changing environment where the demands on and opportunities for General Counsels is greater than ever, being able to interact with and bounce ideas off of colleagues facing similar challenges is invaluable. The OnCon Conferences provide an exceptional, safe forum to do that and and are incredibly helpful. - Samuel Ramos


I found the Oncon 2022 event to be rich in content, focused on relevant topics and highly engaging! It was the perfect size group of senior, highly successful CHROs who I’ve had the opportunity to stay connected with on LinkedIn and to ideate and tap into at any time. I strongly recommend this group above others that may cross your inbox due to the impact, new relationships and introduction to innovations that will enhance your effectiveness in your organization. - Karen Richard


I was honored this year as a Top 100 Corporate Counsel award winner for 2022.  The award is wonderful, but the connections I have made in this organization are even better!  I have made friends, developed an informal coaching network, and a readily available sounding board.   I also highly recommend the Senior Council Monthly Roundtable discussions. - Julia Harmatz


If you prefer events where HR experts share real world, how-to ideas on a range of current HR topics this is one of the few that delivers month after month, year after year. - Joe Ilvento 


In addition to the unique insights from Legal leaders across the country, the OnCon business meetings unveiled opportunities to use new legal tools that we quickly adopted in our organization. - Ruth Atherton

I was very impressed by the caliber of OnCon’s 2022 Icon Award’s slate of recognized CMOs and the group’s engagement. I thought the engagement was vibrant and the recognition itself, even virtually, a really special moment of prominence. - Lauren Beckstedt  


This was my first year participating in OnCon 2022 and from the start felt the sense of community with other HR Leaders going though unprecedented times.  The format of OnCon kept me engaged thru multiple channels.  I formed 2-3 good connections and took away several things to bring back.  The vendor meetings were like speed dating and I walked away with an opportunity to use one of the vendors.  A very worthwhile endeavor, hats off to Sean and the OnCon team!! - Roy Chen


I have participated in the Oncon conference for the last two years.  I appreciate the work that goes into conferences of this scope and really enjoy the sessions.  I like the flexibility of the event that allows me to choose sessions based on my availability and level of interest.  I also enjoy the networking and the moderated discussion groups with my industry peers.  Thanks Oncon, for giving Marketing Executives an easy way to "sharpen the saw" and collaborate with other marketing leaders. - Leslie Gibbs


I want to sincerely thank you for all that you and your team did to make the OnCon 2022 Senior HR Virtual Summit and Awards possible.  It was a blessing to engage and be recognized among an extraordinary group of HR professionals who are reshaping the function as we know it.  The interactive sessions that were facilitated by dynamic and highly accomplished HR professionals were amazing.  As someone who has been in an HR leadership role for more than 20 years and considers himself a lifelong learner, I truly appreciate and benefited from the sharing of best practices and innovative ideas.  OnCon provides such a unique platform to network, benchmark, and discuss what matters most in an unfiltered environment.  It was an honor to be selected as an award recipient last year.  To be recognized again is a truly gracious and humbling experience, especially when selection is based on peer recognition, and the winners represent top HR leaders from major organizations. - Michael D. Christman


This was my first experience attending OnCon’s 2022 Marketing Summit.   From the program outreach, packaging, conference engagement and awards ceremony, I was impressed with the details, organization, content and learnings.   The session topics were meaningful and inclusive.   I would highly recommend any marketing executive to participate and get involved with this organization. - May Mitchell


I thought this two day event was worthwhile.  There really are not other events where GC/Senior Counsel can talk off the record in focused sessions on the hottest topics we are dealing with today.  It was great to share our concerns, strategies, coping skills, and successes.  I have had the opportunity for one on one meetings with a couple of attendees and plan to connect with more.  OnCon2022 can be the basis for expanding your network as well as gaining insights from differing points of view. I found the facilitators and participants to be top drawer, well-prepared, candid and open.  Highly recommend. - Maria Buckley



The 2022 ONCON HR Event was an excellent way to connect with senior level HR leaders and discuss urgent issues facing all companies today. The fact that the attendees are at the top level in the organization and have many years of experience, provides for an amazing discussion level of relevant topics. The intimate group setting allows for all to contribute. Also, the variety of Companies participating made it clear that the issues we face are so remarkably similar. With the constant use of video conferencing these days, the interactive sessions were both refreshing and engaging. I would encourage you to check out the conference in 2023! - Nancy Fairchild


The OnCon annual event always delivers and 2022 was no exception. The attendees are deeply experienced and highly engaged, creating a unique environment in which you can gain true insight into some of the most critical marketing topics of our time. - Quinn O'Brien


OnCon consistently delivers high-quality events, and the OnCon 2022 GC Virtual Summit was certainly no exception!!! There is no better way to plug into the collective wisdom and expertise of top inhouse legal executives for real-world thought leadership and insights!! So happy I attended and am already looking forward to next year! - Bruce Daise


For the last two years, I have had the privilege to participate in the OnCon22 conference. The event provides area specific expertise on topics that are relevant in the ever changing work environment. Each year, the event provides opportunities to network and learn from executive level leaders. It is interactive and provides the space to comfortably ask questions and connect with others. The relationships I have built from attending this event have been beneficial to me personally and professionally, allowing me to call an executive level peer in order to gain another perspective. I thoroughly enjoy the event and have found it of great benefit in my career. - Taylor Vanlandingham


The 2021 ONCON Conference did not disappoint. I found the virtual conference to be second to none. The interactive sessions were led by chief legal officers of industry giants. The content was highly relevant to me as a General Counsel and provided me with an excellent opportunity to mingle with and meet other corporate counsel across a broad range of industries. - Lisa Lang


I was so impressed with the preparation and communication the team pulled together for the ONCON ICON awards ceremony.   The award package was so thoughtful and FUN!  It was great to see so many of my peers come together in celebration. I am thrilled about the networking opportunities that come with being part of the 2022 Class of ONCON ICON Award recipients. - Ashely Deal


The OnCon 2022 virtual conference was well-organized with great topics. Best of all, each session was interactive and engaging to all participants so it felt less like a show-and-tell, and more like a listen-and-learn event. - Martha Nevanen


‘It’s rare for marketing leaders across different industries, scales, and strategic focuses to forge a community that centers on thoughtful conversations regarding the challenges and opportunities we grapple with every single day. That kind of diversity inspires true innovation. OnCon does precisely that and more. - Dan Murdoch


The OnCon 2022 event is a unique opportunity to interact with top HR professionals across all industries and sectors. Not only do you learn about their ongoing contributions to the field, but also what motivates and drives these HR leaders towards success. The monthly OnCon sessions are an even greater extension of knowledge sharing and thought exchange that drives greater connections and relationships within the group. - Shannon Johnston


I was so honored to be able to join the OnCon event again this year, alongside some of the brightest and best professionals from the HR industry. Whenever you bring together that many high-level and experienced executives, participants are sure to level the event with new ideas and new perspectives - as I surely did. I  am already looking forward to the 2023 event! - Erika Lance

I recently attended the OnCon 2022 conference for HR leaders across a wide variety of industries and was once again struck by both the level of engagement and participation and the  range of new ideas being offered from speakers and participants alike. This is a very rewarding event and I continue to build great connections as a result of my participation. Given all the challenges we have faced over the last two years, events like these help me to take a step back and listen and learn from other people facing the same challenges. A really good investment to attend. - Peter Walmsley


I would recommend OnCon 2022 to all HR leaders who are looking to expand their knowledge in the most important areas of our field.  Through engaging content, actionable tips and relationship building, I walked away with some new ideas to try with my company.  Sean and team do a great job to personalize the event for you based on what is top of mind for you and your company. - Karen Weeks


Found it to be a great mix of senior marketers within a smaller setting which allowed for richer dialogue and participation. - David Rose


The OnCon Legal Conference presents a refreshing forum for truly sharing ideas and solutions about substantive and leadership / law management. Unlike other conferences, the focus is on professional exchange, not watching presentations for CLE credit. Participants come from diverse industry sectors, are seasoned, talented professionals and the networking was effortless.  The themed networking also shows the group knows how to have fun as well – even virtually. - Deborah Pierce


Great, interactive conference…the ability to engage and learn from peers over two days was unmatched…..a multitude of subject areas with meaningful opportunities to learn and engage…this was my second conference…looking forward to my third---in-person… - Brian F Doran


I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the OnCon 2022 Marketing Event.  I was energized by the opportunity to learn from so many outstanding peers in their field. - Janice Jacobs


Wanted to let you know what a great time I had at OnCon 2022 in January.  Great set of sessions with excellent speakers, strong interaction with the attendees as well as the presenters, and a lots of new ideas to strengthen how we market and how marketing is a critical component of any company - be they big or small.  The award event was also top-notch and hearing the presenters talk about their own marketing experiences, their teams, and their challenges to achieve excellence was very powerful.  Lastly, wanted to thank you and your team for an incredibly well run conference.  The team was constantly ahead of the curve and always responsive to the needs of the speakers and attendees.  Thank you for an excellent event. - Eric Herzog


OnCon is a wonderfully managed event, that brings timely and relevant topics to HR leaders to collaborate, share, and learn real time.  Interactive, diverse and insightful, the time spent with colleagues is a thought-provoking opportunity to share experiences and best practices while engaging and networking with peers across industries. - Pamela Turay


It has been an honor being a 2 year OnCon member, nominee, award winner and participant in the OnCon monthly and annual events.  In 2022, the annual OnCon event was well established with a relevant engaging agenda.  Communications and execution of the annual event and participant engagement gift continues to be one of the best experiences I’ve had amongst the Sr. HR community. Over the year as a participant in monthly events, we are able to meet regularly with peers and form relationships and alignment on common issues that are relevant in our businesses and industries as a whole.  The opportunity to be recognized nationally amongst peers and colleague is priceless.  As a 2nd year recipient of the OnCon Icon Awards, Top 10 Human Resources Professional, I truly value the experience and recognition for the work that I’ve done throughout the year and my career overall. - Tammy Harper


OnCon 2022 was an exceptional event and one I would recommend for any executive Human Resource Professional. The small group format allowed for a true exchange of ideas. The speakers provided relevant solutions to opportunities all organizations are experiencing in this challenging time. I left the conference with a wealth of information and have already implemented several of the ideas shared during the conference. I look forward to continued learning through the Senior Human Resource Council and the conference in 2023. - Cressa D. Chalmers


 I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the OnCon 2022 Marketing Conference.   The panel discussions were highly interactive an very enlightening.  The depth and breadth of talent and insights was quite impressive.  It was great to meet and hear from world class marketers across numerous verticals while also sharing my own personal and professional experiences.  The content and conference as a whole exceeded my expectations and I look forward to participating again in the future.   Thank you Sean and the entire OnCon team! - Randy Lewis   


The smaller intimate size of the conference enables a truly interactive experience for GCs and CLOs to exchange ideas and approaches to managing legal and business issues and form relationships that extend well beyond the conference. This year's conference was packed with practical, interactive, and engaging sessions led by an impressive group of GC and CLO thought leaders providing interesting perspectives and pragmatic approaches to addressing legal issues while facilitating an exchange of thoughtful ideas and experiences by other peer colleagues. The networking breaks were unique and fun experiences for making new professional connections and reconnecting with existing ones. - Mary Chapin


Thank you so much for another wonderful and insightful event.  The sessions were as engaging as ever.  It is always great to be in a space where you can learn and have some fun while you do it.  The sessions are just the right length and the topics are always on point.  It really is a wonderful conference. - Julie Bank


I had the good fortune of attending the OnCon 2022 conference.  While the conference was forced to be virtual again this year, Sean Tomarelli continues to ensure that the event creates value for all participants.  Once again, this event attracted the top legal professionals from a wide variety of leading companies of various sizes and from various industries.  One of the things that I love most about OnCon is that the learning comes from interactive discussions moderated by attendees rather than lectures from subject matter experts.  The content is more relevant to legal leaders as a result.  Sean also carefully creates the schedules to leave ample time for forming connections and networking opportunities among the participants.  Truly a top-notch experience, from start to finish. - Marc Ellenbogen


OnCon has been a true blessing to me as a marketer. I appreciate the monthly sessions where I can learn the highs and lows from other marketers in a safe, closed loop environment that allows us to elevate each other without sacrificing any of our brand secret sauces. I have made invaluable connections and relationships through OnCon. The main OnCon event is also quite impressive, from the participation of high level executives from every major vertical and brand, to the deep expertise shared across various marketing topics. Overall, the experience across the board has been very positive and rewarding. - Nicolette Harper


For the first time, I joined the HR OnCon 2022 event.  I found the participant size and job levels perfect for me.  I like to feel engaged in conferences and learn new things and after 30 years as an HR professional that can be challenging. Taking time away to connect with peers and learn about what other companies are doing – new innovation – is always good.  At a minimum, it stimulates intellectual curiosity you take back to your teams.  The award portion was good but an in-person event would have made it even more special.  The event was well organized and had the right mix of interaction, presentation and fun!  Thanks for inviting me and I look forward to future events. - Laura Smith

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for organizing the OnCon 2022 event. This was my first time attending and I was impressed with the entire two-day session. The material was thoughtful, highly relevant, executable, and presented in a manner that fostered a high level of participant engagement. The opportunity to hear experts in the industry provide real-time examples, feedback, and thought partnership was extremely valuable. In a time where we are scheduled from sunup until sundown, it is hard to commit to making the time for essential, continued personal and professional development. I am so glad I made the time. I also appreciated the opportunity to be recognized for the work I do by being named one of the 2022 Top 10 Human Resources Professionals. Looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the next conference. - Janine Triano


Great virtual event to increase my network, get new ideas applicable to my company and get inspired by other leaders. - Helena Josue

The best part of the 2022 On Con Event is the caliber of thought leadership from many different industries, the ability to find new networking partners and best of all, the award and packaging. - Larry McAlister

Receiving the 2022 OnCon ICON Top 10 Marketer Award has been a tremendous experience in my career and one that makes me feel extremely proud.  However, receiving the accolade is not the best thing about getting recognized by OnConferences, it is the fact that OnCon provides a platform to regularly meet and interact with a group of esteemed marketing leaders across multiple industries that bring different perspectives as well as thought provoking insights on market issues and trends impacting current marketing practices. - Frank Vitale


OnCon stands out as one of the best and most professional marketing conferences out there! I learned so many things during the sessions that were practical and I could take away and implement immediately. It was also great to understand the latest martech out in the market and was truly humbled to be awarded a top marketer. The award package was really special and so was the ceremony. This is one event you really don't want to miss! - Heather Sill

Throughout the 2022 Awards process, I found OnCon to be very professional and well organized.  The OnCon Conference was very informative because I was able to interact with my peers on real-time issues I am dealing with everyday. - Chuck McQueary

It was my first time attending the OnCon meeting of GC’s and CLO’s and I really enjoyed the variety of topics covered and the depth of the conversations.  It was also a very well organized virtual event.  I would definitely attend again. - Linda Gadsby

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